LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Feng Shou-Kung Fu “ Applying Striking Methods In The Whirling Arms Practice”.

Everyone who has and who are still studying and practicing the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu, would have involved themselves in the sticking hands exercise known as “Whirling Arms” (Lun Bi Fa). This exercises involves both single, changing and double hands practice, we’re both partners begin to connect their hands together with each other and begin to rotate, circle or whirl their hands/arms around each others joints, staying contact with each other to develop their listening skills (Ting Jin), trying to feel for your training partners strength, pressure, force, centre of gravity etc.

Once both training partners have made contact and began to whirl their arms around, changing from either a single, changing to a double hands practice. They then begin to strike at each other from any angle as they whirl their arms around in small, medium and large circles and coils. At first each partner takes it in turns to strike at each other using straight, circular and vertical striking angles, which can include both open hand or closed fist striking, plus elbows and shoulder strikes as well. It is the slight change of pressure or the sudden feeling of lightness that one feels as the training partner breaks their contact in their attempt to strike at you from any angle that you are really listening for. Because of this the defending partner really will begin to develop their ability to listen through their tactile touch, if they are not able to feel the sudden change of pressure from heaviness to lightness, then they will receive the strike that their training partner has delivered.

Once you add striking to the practice of the Whirling Arms exercise, then each partners development to listen (Ting) through their tactile skill will greatly improve to a high proficiency level. Hence, so will their defensive ability also improve in being able to use the appropriate ward off or deflection technique to defend against the in-coming strike. Once you add striking into the Whirling Arms practice, anywhere on each partners body, the groin, stomach, ribs, chest, throat, neck, face and head are all targets to strike at, from the whirling circles that each partners arms perform.

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