LFIAA Yang Style Taijiquan “ The Simplified 8 Posture Form” (Yang Taijiquan Jianti Ba Shi).

The Traditional Yang style Taijiquan Forms are known for their large frame movements and long sequences that take up a lot of room. Whereas, the Simplified 8 Step Yang Style Taijiquan Form maintains the characteristics of the large frame movements, but it can be performed within a small confined area, which makes it an ideal introduction to Taijiquan practice for complete beginners, plus for those more experienced individuals who are looking for a taijiquan practice that can be performed indoors in a small area.

The Yang Style 8 Step Taijiquan Form involves stepping forwards, sidewards to both sides and turning the body. It also involves single leg standing postures to strengthen the legs and improve the balance, plus large frame actions of the arms to help improve the flexibility of the muscles, tendons and joints of the whole body. It also as the iconic Taijiquan “Wave Hands in Clouds Exercise” (Yun Shou Fa) which many individuals practice as a separate exercise on its own because of its flowing turning actions of the torso that are beneficial to strengthening the digestive system.

Please do not be fooled by the “Simplified” name attached. As by no means does it make the practice of the Yang Style 8 Step Taijiquan Form feel easy. It still holds a tremendous amount of depth that each individual must learn how to master, as each person must still follow the guiding principles of connecting the five components of the legs, torso, hands, concentration and breathing together in a continuous slow, smooth and flowing action which can take plenty of practice time to achieve.

What makes this particular 8 Step Taijiquan Form exercise so popular is that it does not take up a lot of room. Basically, the individual remains roughly in the same spot as they stand making it an ideal practice that can be performed in the comfort of their home. Usually the more Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan Forms need a large amount of space to perform them in and many individuals struggle in being able to practice these larger forms in their homes.


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