LFIAA Wild Goose Patting Qigong (Dayan PainDa Gong) “Dredging The Yin & Yang Meridians Clean”.

The practice of the Wild Goose Patting Qigong (Dayan Pai Da Gong) involves passive and vigorous actions that stimulate the circulation of the Qi, blood and the lymphatic system to help strengthen the defensive Qi (Weiqi) to defend against external pathogen that can attack our body and weaken our immune system and affect our health and wellbeing. Alongside the passive and vigorous actions the Wild Goose Patting Qigong also combines circle walking practice using various energetic hand shapes also known as “Mudra’s” in Indian or (Shou Yin) in Chinese to cultivate and nourish each individuals Qi.

But the most important aspect to the practice of the Wild Goose Patting Qigong is it’s patting (Pai) and striking (Da) methods on the Yin & Yang Meridians (Jingmai). The patting and striking methods are performed to clean and dredge the Yin & Yang meridians and channels of blocked Qi that can affect an individuals physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing. During everyday our bodies can accumulate muscular tension, joint stiffness that can not only affect each person’s blood circulation and energy levels. If left to build up within the body, it can also affect a persons emotional state, making them feel more anxious, irritable, frustrated or even angry.

Practicing the Wild Goose Patting Qigong regularly can help to keep our physical, emotional and mental states in a more balanced and relaxed place, to help us cope better with the pressures that life can bring to all of us. Alongside the Wild Goose Patting Qigong energetic circle walking practice that strengthens each person’s balance and concentration levels, developing a deep feeling of calmness inside is a great exercise that cannot only be practiced on its own. But can greatly compliment other holistic exercises like Meditation, Taijiquan, Dao Yoga etc.


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