LFIAA Li Style Qin Na-Kung Fu “The Small Entwined Wrist Lock Method” (Xiao Chan Wan Suo Fa).

One of my teachers favourite Qin Na wrist locking methods was the Small Entwined Wrist Lock” (Xiao Chan Wan Suo) which is illustrated in the accompanying photo that is attached to this blog. Which he taught how to apply extensively from strikes and many types of holds and grips. This particular wrist lock (Wan Suo) once applied needs very little strength from the practitioner to apply to control their assailant, as a tremendous amount of pressure and bodyweight is fully placed onto the assailants wrist joint causing great pain and discomfort. My teacher Master Chee Soo taught many variations on this particular wrist lock, plus he taught a wide range of counter techniques against the “Small Entwined Wrist Lock” if it was ever applied on ourselves.

There are many styles of martial arts that also employ the “Small Entwined Wrist Lock Method” such as Aikido, Jujitsu, Taijiquan and many styles of Kung Fu. The reason why such martial art styles practice this particular wrist lock is that it can be applied practically and very quickly by both the young and old alike. Within the Li Style Qin Na-Kung Fu there is both the “Small Entwined Wrist Lock” and also the “Large Entwined Wrist Lock Method” (Da Chan Wan Suo Fa), plus the “Carrying the Basket Entwined Wrist Lock Method” (Dai Lan Zi Wan Suo Fa) which uses the elbow (Zhou) to apply the wrist lock. Master Chee Soo taught a many variations of both the “Small and Large Entwined Wrist Locks”.

Once the “Small Entwined Wrist Lock Method” is fully applied the pain that is inflicted onto the assailant can be used to take them to the ground, were they can be pinned and immobilised under control. Or the practitioner can use the “Small Entwined Wrist Lock” to set up the assailant for a heavy strike targeted at a vital area of the body like an energy cavity (Qixue) which can render them unconscious. Master Chee Soo would. Also teach a wide variety of counter joint locks (Fan Qin Na) against the “Small Entwined Wrist Lock” which would involve finger, wrist, elbow and shoulder joint locks as counters.


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