LFIAA Lishi Daoist Meditation Practice “Life Depends Upon The Breath” (Sheng Yao Kan Xi).

When I was first taught the basic meditation methods (Jiben Jing Zuo Fa) of the Lishi Daoist Meditation practices by my teacher Master Chee Soo. It was in a large group of over twenty-five students who had attended a Li Style (Lishi) Taijiquan course, during the morning practice we had asked several questions about the breathing methods (Xi Fa) used within the practice of the Li Style Taiji Square Yard Form, for which Master Chee Soo answered saying that combining the breathing with the movements helped to anchor the mind’s concentration. But to fully develop the breathing one must practice meditation alongside your taijiquan practice, then we were asked to sit on the floor crossing our legs naturally or in the half or full lotus position. Then he taught us how to hold a particular Daoist Yin & Yang hand shape or mudra (Yin Shou) that allowed our Qi to circulate freely into our hands and arms.

Once we were in the correct meditation posture with a straight spine, chin slightly tucked in. We were then asked to place the tip of our tongue to the hard palate just behind the top teeth, then we were told to half close our eyelids and focus our eyes on the tip of our nose (Shanggen), then we were told to concentrate on our breathing trying to quieten our breathing so that we could not hear our breath, making the inhalation as long as the exhalation and to remain fully relaxed at all times.

We were allowed to sit and meditate for around fifteen minutes and then he told us to slowly come out of our meditation. Then he asked us if we thought the time that we spent meditating went quickly or slowly? He then asked if we felt that our breathing reached deeper into our Dantian (Elixir Field) located below and behind our navel and that the practice of meditation and taijiquan benefit each other and should be practiced alongside each other.

Since then, all those many years ago I have regularly meditated and have found great health benefits both physically, emotionally and mentally in myself. Especially in our very fast and stressful modern lifestyle we’re many individuals are suffering from anxiety, depression, irritability and many other types of illness that are caused by stress, the practice of Daoist meditation can really help to calm, relax and allow the mind to become more still benefiting many individuals over-al health and wellbeing, plus the connection between seated Daoist meditation and the moving meditation practice of the Li Style Taijiquan Square Yard Form are very closely related and the practice of both disciplines are a great way to nourish, replenish & strengthen the body, mind & spirit.


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