LFIAA Taiji Qigong Standardised 18 Exercise Form. “Wave Hands in Clouds” (Yun Shou Fa).

One of the most popular exercise that many individuals like to practice out of the Taiji Qigong 18 Exercises is the “Wave Hands in Clouds” (Yun Shou) exercise were the individual draws to alternating sidewards circles with both hands, while rising and sinking from the legs (Tui) and turning from the waist (Yao) from side to side, at the sametime combining their breathing with the movements. Harmonising the five components of the whole body together in a skilful way.

The Wave Hands in Clouds exercise can be performed in three training methods. 1). As a static exercise. 2). As a rocking/swaying exercise. 3). As a moving/walking exercise. The first method the static exercise is what is usually practiced as part of the Taiji Qigong 18 Exercise Form, sometimes the sidewards rocking or swaying exercise is used as well. Whereas the moving or walking Wave Hands in Clouds exercise is rarely practice, unless you study and practice the more Traditional Taijiquan Forms or Sequences.

As an health and wellbeing exercise the practice of the “Wave Hands in Clouds” (Yun Shou Fa) will strengthen the muscles, tendons and bones of the lower extremities, improving blood and Qi flow into the both feet. The turning of the waist from side to side will benefit the digestive system, working the Spleen, Stomach, large & small intestines to flush out any stagnant blood or food that can accumulate causing various digestive problems. The turning of the waist (Yao) can also help to release muscle tension in the lower back, plus stiffness of the spinal column. The drawing of sidewards circles with the both hands can gently stretch the muscles of the shoulders and upper back, strengthening the Lungs and Heart to promote blood ( Xue) and Qi (energy) to circulate through the whole body, nourishing and replenishing the functioning of the internal organs to generate good health, fitness and long life.


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