LFIAA Eight Healing Sounds Qigong “ Maintaining The Balance Of The Qi With The Seasons”.

To the Daoist Autumn is the period of the “White Tiger” (Bai Hu) and it corresponds to the “Metal Element” which is associated to the Lungs. At this particular time of the season many individual’s can fall ill from the cooling temperature that the autumn season can bring, especially if the Summertime was very hot, the Heart can over heat and affect the Spleen causing the Spleen to overheat, which then rises upwards to affect the Lungs causing them to become dry and deficient, which can cause the Lung Qi to weaken allowing the individual to become susceptible to catch colds, coughs or even suffer with influenza.

When an individual comes to my clinic for a treatment I will sometimes teach them maybe one or two of the Eight Healing Sounds Qigong exercises to help tonify or disperse the excessive or deficient Qi within a particular internal organ that may be the cause of their illness. As the autumn season I would teach my clients the Lung sound and its actions to help strengthen the Qi within the Lungs to fight against the cooling temperature of autumn which can effect the Qi of the Lungs and weaken them.

The exercise for the Lungs can be performed from either a lying, sitting, standing or even a walking practice. It is especially beneficial to practice the Lung exercises a little more than the other sounds, especially at this particular time of the year which corresponds with the seasonal effects on the internal organ that is connected to that season, which is the Lungs as we are in the autumn period. Many individuals suffer with colds, cough and chest congestion at this time of the year as their Lung Qi as become weak and deficient. Hence learning and practicing the Eight Healing Sounds Qigong can help to maintain the balance of Qi within each of the five Yin Zang organs to help maintain good health and wellbeing throughout the different changes of the seasons as the year progresses.

Obviously, just like the autumn period. Each of the four seasons can have an effect on its associated internal organs, so by regularly practicing the Eight Healing Sounds Qigong the individual may suffer less with the seasonal effects and maintain a healthy constitution.


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