LFIAA The Eight Healing Sounds “ The Sui Sound & Exercise For The Bones”

One of the exercises and sounds that is performed as part of the Traditional Chinese Medical Qigong of the “Eight Healing Sounds” is the “Sui” sound which is aimed at working our skeletal system or in other words our bones and the Marrow that is found deep within them. The Marrow is the spongy substance that is found in some of our bones, in children it is found in every bone to aid their development and growth, whereas in adults at about the age of 25Yrs the bone Marrow is mainly found within the flat bones such as our skull, spinal column, pelvis, shoulder blades and the long bones of our arms and legs.

The bone Marrow produces red blood cells and is connected to the lymphatic system, producing lymphocyte cells that support our immune system to fight of external pathogens that can weaken our immune system and cause illness. Within Chinese medicine the bone Marrow is connected to the functioning of the Kidneys and the water element.

Chinese medicine holds that your protection from external pathogens depends upon the health and strength of your Kidney Jing and defensive energy (Wei Qi). If the individual has low Kidney Jing, the bone Marrow will suffer, the Wei Qi will become weak, hence the individual will develop low immunity to pathogens which can mean a pattern developing of catching regular colds, influenza and allergies.

Practicing the Eight Healing Sounds exercise for the skeletal system to strengthen the bones of the individual, by using the “Sui” sound to vibrate and resonate the Marrow inside the bones. Can also help to strengthen the individuals immune system to fight off external pathogens, boost the Kidneys to maintain their healthy functioning. The Eight Healing Sounds Medical Qigong practice can be performed from a lying, sitting, standing or walking position.

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