LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) Feng Shou-Kung Fu “Wrestling Training Methods” (Jie Suo Jue Di Fa)

Wrestling training (Jue Di Fa) methods as practiced in the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu mainly combines joint locking techniques with a variety of holds. Each practitioner attempts to place a particular hold on each other, while the other training partner then produces a counter method to escape from the hold and then continues their own attack. Each practitioner can apply joint locking methods on each other and also perform their counter methods, they can also attempt to apply strangles and choke holds on each other, as well as basic holds and grips. Usually the Wrestling training begins from a standing position, were after a few months and years of regular practice they can then introduce striking and kicking methods into their wrestling practice. This teaches each practitioner to develop their tactile manipulation skill to a high degree of skill.

The basic level of Wrestling in the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu begins with a light standing practice. We’re the aim is to present a hold, choke, strangle or a joint locking technique on each other, but to allow each other to escape without fighting and resisting against each other, trying to keep the exercise as a fast, flowing exercise that develops footwork, body movement and tactile awareness. Gradually as each practitioner becomes more experienced with this training method the holds, chokes and joint locks that each practitioner attempts become more stronger and quicker in their application, which means that the counter methods must become more skilful.

Once the standing wrestling as developed to a high level of proficiency, then each practitioner can begin to add punches and strikes to help them escape from a particular hold, strangle or joint locking technique. Obviously, this then allows each practitioner to become aware that the training partner can use punches or strikes to escape their holds or locks. Which they then have to try and continue their wrestling methods by locking up their training partners attempted punching and striking methods to escape.

Once each practitioner has reached a high level of proficiency combining punching, striking techniques alongside their wrestling methods. They can then add both high & low line kicking techniques to help the: escape from various holds, chokes and joint locking methods. Again each practitioner has to then become aware that each other can use kicks to escape, they then have to try and continue their wrestling by joint locking or holding their attempt kicks. Usually at this stage both practitioners can now take their wrestling onto the ground were they can continue to apply various holds, chokes, strangles, joint locks on each other, plus continue using punching and kicking techniques to escape from holds.

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