LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu “ The Piercing Palm Ward Off Method” (Chuan Zhang Fa).

There are many types of ward offs, deflections and parries used in the practice of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu. Many are used to defend against both high and low blows crossing the centre line of the body to deflect and parry away any in-coming blows. But there is no particular ward off that was taught by Master Chee Soo that covers the centre-line, preventing an opponent if they were to use a series of straight blows by blocking, intercepting and entering into their own defensive space.

In the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu that is taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers, it is the “Piercing Palm Method” (Chuan Zhang Fa) that is used to directly cover the centre-line, as it moves forwards in a rising (Qi) drilling (Zuan), overturning (Fan), and falling (Luo) action that cuts into the opponents striking limb, deflecting the blow away. But at the same time penetrates into the opponents own defensive space to help launch an opportunity to counter strikes.

Most of the defensive ward offs and deflections used within the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu, cross over the centre-line from a side to side or up to down direction. Which can some times leave the practitioner venerable and open to an opponent who uses feints to draw a reaction from the practitioner. Whereas, the Piercing Palm moves forwards towards the opponent covering the centre-line in a rising, drilling, overturning and falling action as already mentioned above. This direct forwards movement of the Piercing Palm can quickly turn defence into an attack, allowing for the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu practitioner to apply more offensive striking, Kicking or even wrestling methods to overcome their opponents.

The effective use of the Piercing Palm Method (Chuan Zhang Fa) as a direct defensive tool that covers the centre-line and cuts into the opponents attacking blows. Can also be used as a “bridge” to close the distance on the opponent, so as to enter deeply into their own defence and take their own space that they are standing in, by using fast, flowing offensive hand & foot methods (Shoujiaofa). The Piercing Palm Method is not just used to defend against high, straight blows, it can also be used against low straight blows to deflect, connect and enter with.

Developing the Piercing Palm Method (Chuan Zhang Fa) and adding it into the toolbox of your Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu defensive hand techniques is one that every practitioner should learn and have. As there were no particular defensive ward offs, deflections or parries that move directly forwards and towards the opponent that was taught by Master Chee Soo, only defensive hand or arm techniques that brush away any in-coming blows to either side, upwards or downwards. But none that moved directly forwards to cover the centre-line.

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