LFIAA Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu Throwing Methods “Lishi Feng Shou Shuai Fa”

Within the Chinese Internal Martial Art of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu there are four fighting ranges that each practitioner must become fully proficient in. The four fighting ranges are Striking (Da), Kicking (Ti), Wrestling (Na) and Throwing (Shuai), sadly many practitioners only concentrate on the Striking and Kicking Methods, many do not practice the Wrestling and Throwing methods which means that they do not become completely proficient within Feng Shou-Kung Fu. To apply any Throwing method the practitioner has to make contact with their opponent, which could happen from many situations, such as the opponent attempting to deliver a series of punches and kicks, or they grab a hold of your arms or body. Once you have made contact with your opponent then there is the opportunity to apply various Throwing methods (Shuai Fa).

To become effective at the Throwing range of fighting a practitioner of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu must also develop their tactile manipulative skill to Stick (Nian), Adhere (Zhan), Follow (Sui) and Neutralise (Hua) listening to the opponents power, strength and pressure, to enable the practitioner to place the opponent into a disadvantageous position were they can be quickly thrown to the ground. There are many types of throwing methods that are practiced within the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu system, some can be performed by locking the opponents joints to then throw them, other types of throws involve the use of the practitioners hips, shoulders and legs to throw the opponent.

Developing fast, powerful and practical Throwing methods (Shuai Fa) alongside the Striking, Kicking and Wrestling techniques. Allows the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu practitioner to adapt and change to any difficult situation that may arise, were you are suddenly confronted with an aggressive opponent who is attempting to hold and grip you. This is were the fast throwing methods can be effectively used to throw the opponent heavily to the ground or into an object, which can cause serious damage to the opponent giving yourself time to escape or defend from another opponent.

There are many individuals who proclaim to be teachers and students of the Li Style Feng Shou-Kung Fu system by name. But who do not fully practice and become skilfully proficient within all areas of this unique Family Internal Martial art (Lijia Nei Quan) especially within the Wrestling (Na) and Throwing (Shuai) fighting ranges. Many only practice the Striking and Kicking techniques, but do not even attempt to combine, connect, blend the four fighting ranges together in a natural, effortless and skilful way.


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