LFIAA Li Style Medical Bodywork Massage “ The Deep Qi Treatment Method”.

A treatment method that I often try and combine into my Bodywork massage treatment sessions. Which is known as the “Deep Qi Treatment” or also known as the “Balancing Qi Treatment” as it works on Balancing the patients essences (Jing), energy (Qi) and spirit (Shen) what are known within Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as the “Three Treasures” (San Bao). The many patients that I have treated using this Bodywork massage method always return and ask for the “Deep Qi Treatment” as it really relaxes individuals to the point that I have had patients fall asleep on my massage table. I use this “Deep Qi Treatment” method to individuals who are suffering with anxiety, stress, chronic fatigue, insomnia etc.

The “Deep Qi Treatment” works on the three “Jiao’s” of the Individuals torso to tonify the circulation of both the blood and Qi by using various massage techniques like the Pressing Method (An Fa), Rocking Method (Huang Fa), Vibrating Method (Zhen Fa), Combing Methods (Lu Fa) and some Traction Methods to gently stretch the limbs, opening the joints to allow blocked, stagnant Qi and blood to be removed and for fresh blood and Qi to enter. The sensations that the patient experiences when receiving a “Deep Qi Treatment” is a feeling of warmth, heat spreading throughout the whole body and deep into the body, plus a feeling of deep relaxation that soothes the nervous system.

When using the “Deep Qi Treatment” on a patient, then the practitioner will work on the patients body using various acupuncture points to connect to the patients Qi to then be able to gather, enter or spread the patients Qi. The patient can be lying both in a prone or supine position on the massage couch, while the practitioner will move very slowly around their body, staying in one position with their both hands placed on the patient’s body for a long time, connecting, guiding and leading the patients Qi throughout their body.

The “Deep Qi Treatment” method promotes blood, essences (Jing) circulation throughout the whole body, by using the Rocking and Vibrating massage techniques, these two techniques also have a great effect on relaxing the patients spirit (Shen) and their mind (Yi) allowing them to just relax and experience the different sensations of warmth and movement inside themselves. Whereas, the Pressing and Combing massage techniques are used to connect to the patients Qi to gather and then enter the Qi deeply into their exterior to nourish their internal organs.


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