LFIAA Wild Goose Qigong “Vigorous Actions To Strengthen The Cardiovascular System”.

There are many styles of qigong practiced around the world by thousands of people to help maintain and improve their health & wellbeing. Properly the most popular qigong exercise that is practiced by many is the different taiji qigong styles, which mainly involve slow, circular actions that are co-ordinated with the breathing to enhance relaxation and health. Whereas, the Wild Goose Qigong combines both slow, passive movements alongside the more vigorous, active actions. The passive actions are considered to develop relaxation and inner stillness (Qing), while the more active (Dong) movements develop the individuals cardiovascular fitness and stamina, promoting strong blood and lymph fluid circulation throughout the entire body.

Practicing Wild Goose Qigong develops not only a more relaxed, supple, calm body. It also improves the cardio fitness, irrespective of how old you are your fitness will greatly improve through the practice of its active, vigorous actions. For those who practice and study taiji qigong exercises it takes quite a long time, like many months to improve the cardio fitness of the individual, whereas, practicing the Wild Goose Qigong forms, the individual can expect an improvement in their cardio fitness within a few weeks from its regular practice.

The ultimate aim of the active, vigorous actions of the Wild Goose Qigong Exercise is to gently raise the heart rate of each individual, forcing them to take deeper breaths which will promote more blood and oxygen to be carried around the entire body through the blood stream, carrying rich nutrients to nourish and strengthen the functions of the internal organs (Zangfu), plus to flush toxins out of the body through the lymphatic system to help maintain a fit, healthy, pliable and relaxed individual.

The harmony between passive, slow, vigorous and active movements is spread out throughout the entire 128 Posture Wild Goose Qigong form. Which allows the individual to mix both Stillness and active movements naturally together, when starting the Wild Goose Qigong form the individual begins from a state of Stillness, gradually changing the tempo of the movements from slow to fast as they gradually progress through the entire form, but at the end of the form the individual must return back to a state of Stillness. As Stillness is the master of Movement for which everything begins from and returns back to.


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