LFIAA Swimming Dragon Qigong’s “Reeling Silk Energy Methods” (Chan Si Jin Fa).

One of the characteristics of the Swimming Dragon Qigong is It’s spiralling, Coiling actions what the Chinese term as “Reeling Silk Energy Work” (Chan Si Jin Fa). This includes the whole body spiralling and rotating in small to large circles that gently stretch open the joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles to increase each individual’s flexibility, allowing for a more relaxed body as the tension is gradually released from the tendons and muscle, the stiffness being released from the joints, which will then increase the circulation of the blood, lymphatic fluid and Qi to flow smoothly u hindered through the entire body, strengthening, repairing and nourishing the functions of the internal organs to deliver good health and wellbeing.

An example of one of these “Reeling Silk Exercises” that are part of the the Swimming Dragon Qigong (You Long Gong) is the “Serving Tea Cup Methods” (Gong Cha Bei Fa). We’re the practitioner assumes he or she is holding a small cup of tea in each hand and begins to spiral their arms above their head and around the body, without spilling or dropping the contents in the tea cups, moving both arms at the same time, while keeping the both palms facing upwards to balance the tea cups. This particular exercise stretches the joints, tendons and muscles of the upper extremities, plus the torso rotates from the waist in either a clockwise or counter clockwise direction to stretch and work the muscles of the back and core, plus to stretch the joints of the spinal column.

The “Serving the Tea Cup’s Exercise” flushes a tremendous amount of blood and Qi through the entire body and especially into the both arms and hands. This helps to remove any stagnated blood or Qi blockages that can slow down the circulation, weakening the immune system and the “Defensive Qi” (Wei Qi) which protects the whole body from external pathogens. Plus, the lymphatic system is activated to flush toxins out of the whole body that has accumulated over time.

The “Reeling Silk Method” (Chan Si Jin Fa) is also performed by the both legs to increase blood, lymp and Qi flow into the lower extremities to help strengthen, nourish and repair the muscles, ligaments and joints to maintain their health. This can be seen in the Swimming Dragon Qigong postures “Fisherman Cast His Net” and the “Dragon Chases the Moon” where the whole body rotates and spirals in small and larges circles. The ankles, knees and hips rotate in circles to stretch the ligaments and joints to flush blood and Qi into the feet and increase the flexibility of the lower extremities.

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