LFIAA Wild Goose Qigong (Dayan Qigong) “Developing A Relaxed, Calm & Peaceful Mind & Body”.

Recently Over the last twelve months I have been asked to run qigong classes and courses for groups who look after individuals who are suffering from mental health issues like anxieties, tension, depression and stress etc. I simply teach a series of exercises taken from the Wild Goose Qigong practices that allows these individuals to naturally move their body in co-ordination with their breathing, many of the Wild Goose Qigong movements will gently stretch each persons muscles, tendons and joints helping to release tension and stiffness that has accumulated over a long period of in-activity. Increasing each individuals ability to become more fitter, relaxed and calmer within themselves.

When I teach the Wild Goose Qigong within my own classes, many of my students seem to speed up their movements and the reason for this is that their minds are still full of anxiety that they have brought with themselves into the class after rushing straight in from work, or some maybe have worry’s and stresses on their minds and this can manifest itself in their actions, at the same time many simply just don’t practice and cannot remember the movements, hence their movements of the Wild Goose Qigong are fast. Usually after around twenty or so minutes and after some coaching they begin to gradually become more slower in their actions and calmer in themselves, by the end of the class they feel a lot more relaxed in themselves than when they entered.

It is only through the daily regular practice of the Wild Goose Qigong that an individual can really begin to reap the benefits and rewards from their practice on how it can strengthen their health and wellbeing, in allowing themselves to become more flexible and relaxed physically, yet mentally more calmer and peaceful within themselves. Because the Wild Goose Qigong is 128 postures long, there are times were you have not got the time allocated to practice the entire form, so you can simply pick certain postures that you like and link them together or practice them solo using a high number of reps, that allows you to fully integrate both your mind & body into each of the exercises.

Everyday our body and minds are under some kind of duress that can cause tension and anxiety to develop. Which in-turn can then effect our bodies wellbeing, by allowing our blood pressure to rise, causing palpitations, panic attacks, headaches, migraines and fits of irritability, frustrations and even anger to show themselves. Through a regular holistic discipline like the Wild Goose Qigong an individual has a tool that they can use to help keep the health and wellbeing of both their mind & body in balance and to help fight off the stresses and strains of living a fast modern lifestyle.

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