LFIAA Original Li Style (Lishi) Feng Shou-Kung Fu “Developing Tactile Awareness Skill Through The Whirling Arms Methods. (Lun Bei Fa).

Why is it so important that a practitioner of the Original Li Style (Lishi) Feng Shou-Kung Fu, should become very proficient in developing their tactile awareness skill. Well there are many reasons, firstly because when you are attacked, your opponent will try to get close to you and make some kind of contact with yourself. By either attempting to wrestle you to the ground or by throwing a series of punches or kicks at yourself. This first contact that you make with your opponent is so important that you can take in a lot of information through your own development of learning to Listen (Ting), Sticking (Nian), Adhere (Zhan), Following (Sui) and Neutralising (Hua) through your sense of touch which is developed within the LFIAA Feng Shou-Kung Fu by practicing the Whirling Hands Exercise (Lun Bei Fa).

The Whirling Arms Exercise involves various size circles that can be drawn by using a single (Dan), changing (Huan) or double (Shuang) arm methods from a fixed step position or from a moving step method. Whilst trying to remain in contact with your training partner through the practice of the Whirling Arms Exercise, each practitioner will also employ Coiling (Chan), Rolling (Gun), Sliding (Hua) and Spiralling (Luo Xuan) Techniques to help in remaining in contact, but to also try and stay in control of your training partners or opponents arm.

The next stage in developing your tactile awareness skill to a much higher level in the practice of the Whirling Arms Exercises, is to then employ striking methods (Da Fa) into the practice. When employing strikes, each practitioner can use their fingers, palms, fists, elbows and shoulders at anytime to issue power (Fajin) out towards each other. When employing striking methods in the practice of the Whirling Arms Exercise they can be delivered from any angle while the arms are circling in either a clockwise or a anti-clockwise direction using a single, changing or double arm methods.

To defend against someone striking at you once you have made contact with them through your arms, takes a tremendous amount of Listening Skill (Ting Jin) development by each practitioner, to able to react and defend appropriately against your training partners or opponents strike, whilst still Sticking (Nian) and remaining in contact with them without losing your balance takes a lot of time and practice with as many different training partners that you can work with to help you develop your Listening, Sticking Hands skill.

Another important aspect to achieving a high level of skill within your Feng Shou-Kung Fu Whirling Arms Exercise (Lun Bei Fa). Is that as we all grow older and our fitness and general strength begins to weaken, the skill that you have developed within your Sticking Hands ability will stay with you for life, irrespective of how old you are, and because when you are attacked your opponent has to make contact with you. You can then use your Sticking Hands skill to defend and protect yourself efficiently using your Feng Shou-Kung Fu’s Strikes,Kicks, joint locks, takedowns and throwing techniques.

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