LFIAA Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage (Tui Na Qigong) For Stiff Neck & Shoulder Problems.

Many individuals suffer with stiff neck & shoulders which can occur at anytime due to tension developing within the upper back muscles and arms that can then develop into tension that effects the muscles of the shoulders and neck. A stiff neck can occur from simply sleeping at a wrong angle, or from sitting in a draft that can cause the neck muscles to stiffen, it could also be a problem with the cervical spinal column with a joint becoming mis-aligned causing pain that can lead to headaches. Another cause to accumulate tension within the shoulders and neck muscles is mental anxiety, tension and stress.

A practitioner of the Lishi Energy Bodywork Massage using various types of tactile manipulation techniques can help to release the tension and stiffness that has accumulated within the muscles and joints of the shoulders and neck, helping to disperse any blood or energy blockages that have gathered within the muscles and joints. Just relaxing the muscles of the shoulders and neck can also release any trapped nerve that may have become stuck due to the build up of tension within the muscles that can squeeze the nerve against the bone, causing numbness, tingling or a painful sensation that can travel down the arms or back.

If there is stiffness within the shoulder joints or the cervical joints of the neck. Then the practitioner may also use traction methods that can gently stretch and re-align the joints of the spine, plus opening the joints with gently traction and stretching methods that allows stagnant blood and Qi to be removed that could cause ailments to persist, and to then allow fresh blood and Qi to enter between the joints that can help to nourish, strengthen and regenerate the individual’s shoulder or neck problem.

Sometimes a shoulder or neck pain could be caused from Arthritis developing within the joints. Usually in the winter time when it is much colder the individual’s joints can become more stiff, tense and painful due to the coldness entering into the muscles and joints. When seeking a treatment the practitioner would then use certain Bodywork massage techniques that can generate warmth and heat to enter and penetrate deeply into the individuals muscles, tendons and joints, helping to relax the muscles and to soften the joints allowing for more blood and Qi to flow smoothly and to remove the coldness that is affecting the individuals muscles and joints to become painful.

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