LFIAA Traditional Medical Qigong “Eight Healing Sounds” (Ba Zi Jue Gong)

There are three methods to every exercises of the Eight Healing Sounds Medical Qigong practices. Movements, breathing and sound which have to be harmonised with each other as the individual performs a particular exercise. The actions that are involved with all of the Eight Healing Sounds practices include stretching movements of the muscles, tendons and joints that helps to move the more deeper muscles that lay around the internal organs to give them a massage to help flush out stagnant blood (Xue) and Qi that has accumulated there over a long period causing ill health.

Each of the movements of the Eight Healing Sound Qigong not only involves stretching to develop each individuals flexibility. They also involve opening (Kai) and closing (He) actions to help flush both stagnant blood and sickly Qi (Bingqi) out, plus allowing fresh blood and Qi to bring nutrients that helps nourish the internal organs to help with their functioning in the maintenance of keeping us healthy. Another action that is performed in the practice of the Eight Healing Sounds is rising (Sheng) and lowering (Xia Ti) of the whole body to help the blood and Qi to circulate around the whole body to help improve each persons circulation by removing blockages that have accumulated due to lack of exercise, injury or illness.

Teaching the Eight Healing Sounds Qigong practices to both individuals and to many groups of people, are always surprised how strong the Guiding & Leading actions (Daoyin) of each of the Eight Healing Sounds Exercises are in their stretching of various parts of the body such as the spinal column, arms, shoulders, ribcage and legs. Each of the Eight Healing Sounds practices can be performed either laying down, sitting, standing or walking all according to the health of each individual in their ability to be able to practice them, obviously the walking practices are the most powerful of them all as they include timing, balance,precision,co-ordination and concentration from each individual to accurately to perform them harmonising movement, breathing and sound together.

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