LFIAA Swimming Dragon Qigong For Back, Hip & Spinal Stiffness & muscular Tension Suffers.

Within our community’s there are many individuals who suffer with lower and upper back muscle tension, stiffness of the spinal column and hip joints. This can have a very debilitating effect on many individuals ability to live a normal lifestyle, as the Chinese say that “You are as old as your Back” and if you have ever suffered with a back problem then you can understand the saying, as you cannot straighten you back and stand fully upright, you are hunched over from the waist and look like an old man or women.

Many individuals who work long hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer, or who do long distance driving as part of their livelihood, even those individuals who do a lot of manual heavy lifting jobs can all suffer with back muscle tension, stiffness of the spine and hips. Simply practicing some of the Swimming Dragon Qigong (You Long Gong) 32 Step Form movements can greatly help individuals from suffering from muscle tension and stiffness of the joints through its combination of both passive, soft actions that look like Tai Chi and its dynamic, vigorous actions that involve Yoga type stretches.

Energetically the practice of the Swimming Dragon Qigong cultivates, gathers the Qi as well as mobilising the Qi throughout the whole body. But it uses a spiralling, coiling, reeling action of the whole body to guide & lead the Qi into the extremities to nourish and strengthen the bodies health and wellbeing. This spiralling, reeling type of action that every individual is taught how to move in the practice of the Swimming Dragon Qigong gently stretches the tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints releasing muscles tension and joint stiffness that will then help to develop a more relaxed, supple body.

Unlike many types of standing qigong (Zhan Zhuang Gong) that are practiced today by many individuals. The Swimming Dragon Qigong involves four practices of Qigong which are 1). Standing Post Qigong (Zhan Zhuang Gong) 2). Moving Qigong (Dong Gong) 3). Rocking/Swaying Qigong (Yao Ye Gong) and Walking Qigong (Zuo Gong). These four practices are involved within the thirty-two Step Swimming Dragon Qigong Form.

Practicing of the Swimming Dragon Qigong Exercises can greatly benefit those who suffer with back, hip and spine stiffness and tension. Many individuals take pain killers to aid their problem, whereas simply spending a couple of minutes everyday practicing some of the Swimming Dragon Qigong Exercises can help to maintain and improve a healthy back and spinal column that allows each individual to live a full and active lifestyle.

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