LFIAA Eight Healing Sounds Daoyin “Vocalising the Sounds to Effect Vibration”

Because our bodies are 75% percent water the ancient Chinese realised that making certain vocalised sounds could have an effect on the functioning of our internal organs (Zangfu). By making both vocalised and non-vocalised Sounds could either tonify, strengthen the Qi within the internal organs, or by making a vocalised sound could help disperse or remove stagnant, blocked Qi or blood within any of the internal organs that could cause ill health if left to accumulate for a very long period.

When we decide to practice any of the Eight Healing Sounds Daoyin exercises. We can practice them by simply concentrating on making each of the particular sounds that are connected to each of the internal organs. If we concentrate on making a vocalised sound, then we need to be able to prolong the breath and sound, so that the longer the duration of the sound we can make and the maintenance of the same frequency of the sound. Then stronger the vibration will be on the internal organ that we are targeting with our sound, the more the sickly Qi and stagnant blood (Xue) will be removed and dispersed. Sometimes when a patient comes to my clinic for a treatment I will also teach them to perform one or two of the Eight Healing Sounds, sometimes without performing the movements, just the sounds, to help them change the Qi within the organs that affect their ailment.

Usually, when the Guiding & Leading movements are taught alongside the breathing and making of the sounds. To many individuals can concentrate to much on the physical actions and not on making the correct right sound, or by prolonging the same frequency, so that each individual can actually feel a vibration being caused within their internal organs. As there are three practice to every one of the Eight Healing Sounds Exercises, the first practice is the correct physical movements that work the muscles around the internal organ, helping to gently massage the organ by opening closing, stretching and squeezing them. The second practice is the correct making of the sounds to vibrate the fluid within the internal organs to either strengthen or disperse the qi. The third practice is through the breathing method (Tu Na) were breathing inwards draws clean Qi in and exhaling the breath helps to dispel sickly Qi out.

Obviously, each of the three sections of correct movement, breathing or sound to any of the Eight Healing Sounds is just as important as each other. As it can take an individual a very longtime in their practice before they can feel that the three practices have developed to a high level, were they feel much benefit from their practice towards improving and maintaining their own health & wellbeing.

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