LFIAA Original Lishi Feng Shou-Kung Fu “Martial Daoyin Breathing Exercises” (Wu Daoyin Fa)

Because the Lishi Feng Shou-Kung Fu is considered to be an internal martial art. Then every student should be taught its Martial Guiding & Leading Breathing Exercises (Wu Daoyin Xi Fa) to help cultivate, strengthen & circulate their own Qi both for the maintenance of their own health and to develop their martial power in their defensive and offensive fighting methods. There are two main training methods in learning a traditional internal martial art, there is the external physical training methods such as striking, kicking, wrestling & throwing for which many students focus all of their attention on developing. Then there is the internal training methods which involves the practice of Martial Guiding & Leading Breathing Exercises that develops the connections between the Mind/Intent (Yi), with the physical Strength (Li) and the Internal Energy (Nei Qi).

Master Chee Soo would always start and end his Feng Shou-Kung Fu training sessions with a Martial Guiding & Leading Breathing Exercise (Wu Daoyin Xi Fa). Sometimes this would include students sitting on the ground and practicing what he would call “Semi Meditation” simply concentration on their breathing to help calm each students mind & body and to connect to their Qi before taking part in a Feng Shou-Kung Fu training session. Obviously more of the internal training must be emphasised in the developments of every students Feng Shou-Kung Fu training.

We in the LFIAA Lishi Feng Shou-Kung Fu practice a wide variety of Martial Guiding & Leading Breathing Exercises which involve standing post (Zhan Zhuang) Practice, moving practice (Dong Fa), walking practice (Bu Fa) and sitting meditation practice (Zuo Jing Fa). The moving and stepping Daoyin practices are performed at two speeds, slowly to develop the breathing and the ability of the mind (Yi) to guide & lead the Qi into the extremities, then they are performed fast to develop the issuing of power (Fa Jin) and to harmonise the strength (Li) with the internal energy (Qi) into the extremities for martial arts usage.

The student of the Original Lishi Feng Shou-Kung Fu should spend more time on the cultivation, strengthening and circulation of the Qi through the many Daoyin practices that are taught and not place all of their attention on just the practice of the external physical training methods. A student should be able to tangibly feel their Qi moving inside themselves through the sensations of tingling, heat, fullness, flushing and vibration sensations which occur inside every student if they focus more on their practice of cultivating their Qi through the martial Daoyin exercises. Then connect their external with their internal training to develop powerful defensive & offensive fighting methods.

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