LFIAA Li Style (Lishi) TAI CHI “Circular footwork methods” (Quan Bu Fa)

Everyone knows that within the practice of Tai Chi the movements should involve circular actions of various sizes. There should be no linear, straight line movements. But it is surprising how many individuals who study and practice the Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi Square Yard Form do not fully apply the circular actions to their stepping Methods (Bu Fa) as they do to their handwork (Shou Fa). To many individuals who practice the Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi Form seem to contradict their actions, by performing circular actions with their hands & arms, while using linear or straight line stepping with their feet & legs.

When stepping is applied in the practice of the Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi Form, whether the individual steps forwards, backwards, sidewards or turning it should involve two types of circular stepping actions. Either an horizontal or vertical stepping action should be drawn with the legs and feet in conjunction with the circular actions of the arms, so that there are circles being drawn above and below throughout the entirety of the Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi Square Yard Form.

When the Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi individual decides to step in any direction, the action of the three main joints within the lower extremities the hip (Kua), knee (Xi) and ankle (Huai) should open (Kai) and close (He). Meaning that they should not be kept straight or locked when attempting to step in any of the Four directions, the action of opening and closing of the joints of the lower extremities will increase the circulation of both the blood (Xue) and Qi (Energy) to flow into the feet bringing fresh, positive nutrients into the joints and tissue to maintain their health.

Sadly Over my many years of studying and practicing the Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi Square Yard Form. I have seen many different versions of the style being performed by groups and individuals and they all seem to place great emphasis on their Li Style (Lishi) Tai Chi Circular handwork. But not on their circular stepping methods, to many simply rely on just using straight line stepping actions which as I have already mentioned contradicts their own upper and lower body actions, according to the Tai Chi guidelines.


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