LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu Weapons Training “Staff Two-Person Counter/Counter Drills” (Gun Dui Lian Fa).

It’s all very good every student practicing the Feng Shou Staff forms (Gun Shi), to help them learn the basic Staff fighting defensive & offensive methods (Jiben Gun Fa). But it is also important that they also get plenty of practice within the “Two-Person Counter/Counter Staff fighting drills to develop their timing, accuracy, reactions, balance, concentration & co-ordination to develop each students over-al staff fighting ability, which will in turn also improve the quality of every students Feng Shou Staff form practice and their confidence.

There are many individual Staff training sections to learn in the Feng Shou-Kung Fu System that each student must practice, such as the defensive Staff blocking methods, offensive Staff striking methods, evasive footwork methods, disarms, joint locks and throwing methods. All these different staff training sections must come together and be performed in various two-person counter/counter drills, were each student has the opportunity to express themselves and be given the chance to grow and develop their own skills within the Feng Shou-Kung Fu System.

Another quality, that each student must also take into consideration is the ability to develop their tactile skill, in being able to remain in contact with the attackers weapon and through that contact be able to listen (Ting) to the attackers Intention and strength. To be able to Stick, Adhere (Zhan,Nian), to Follow (Sui) and Neutralise (Hua) the attackers every attempt to attack and control them. Simply practicing the Feng Shou Staff form all of the time, will stop every student from developing the depth of their Feng Shou-Kung Fu Staff fighting skills. Which can also be said about every weapon that is taught within the many versions of the Feng Shou-Kung Fu Systems that are taught by the many other associations.

If one is to learn and practice a Chinese internal martial art like Feng Shou-Kung Fu. Then it is important that both the unarmed and armed aspects are equally practiced and that each of the students are allowed to freely express themselves by being allowed to participate in training exercises that bring all of the individual different sections together into one particular training drill that sharpens their skills. Unlike just simply practicing the weapons forms, which if practiced needs to be alongside the two-person weapons drills or exercises that bring the defensive and offensive techniques of the weapon forms alive.


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