LFIAA Tai Chi Self Defence “Practical, Effective Use of the Eight Methods” (Bufa)

All styles of T’ai Chi involve the Eight Methods of Ward Off, Rollback, Squeeze, Press, Split, Elbow, Pluck, Bump. no matter wether the individuals practices T’ai Chi either for health, wellbeing or self defence. Learning to use the Eight methods of Tai Chi in a practical and effective manner to protect oneself is just as important as practicing the slow, graceful, flowing movements of T’ai Chi to maintain your health. As being physically assaulted either in your place of work by a work colleague, or in school, university or assaulted in the street or at home is going to greatly effect your physical, emotional and mental state of health, causing trauma that could affect each individual for years afterthought assault.

The practice of the Tai Chi Self Defence Methods that are taught by the LFIAA is purely a non-aggressive system of self protection that teaches individuals how to skilfully use the Eight Methods of Tai Chi to escape from various types of holds and grips that an assailant might try and use to intimidate, control and hurt you. Then using a superior knowledge of angles, leverage and balance each individual is able to apply easy to learn, fast, practical, effective joint locking techniques that subdue or immobilise the assailant without the need to use a great amount of strength to apply them.

In today’s very fast and some times violent world no one can actually say that they will not find themselves in an aggressive situation. Irrespective of how old you are an assault could happen at anytime in your life from a complete stranger, friend or family member. Simply learning the Eight Methods of T’ai Chi Self Defence could help to save your life and health by being able to escape from a life threatening situation or be able to calm and control the situation by effectively applying a technique to subdue the assailant.

To us in the LFIAA practicing and studying T’ai Chi for health, wellbeing or self protection is simply on the same spectrum, as it is all about having to look after your life. As practicing the Eight Methods of T’ai Chi to prolong your life and maintain good health through its “Moving Meditation” practice is no different than having to use the Eight Methods of Tai Chi to protect your life and health if you were assaulted.


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