LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu “The Effectiveness Of Learning Fast Throwing Methods” (Kuai Shuai Fa)

A particular fighting range that very few practitioners of the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu seem to not want to specialise in is the ability to apply fast, practical and effective throwing methods (Shuai Fa) from various types of holds, grips, punches and kicks. A fast throwing method can be a devastating technique that can quickly finish a confrontation causing serious damage and pain to the attacker, especially if they were thrown onto a hard surface. Master Chee Soo would teach the throwing methods separately to those students who were interested in learning them only through the “Breath Art” (Chi Shu) System, which mainly incorporated many Joint Locking (Qin Na) type of throwing methods.

These same type of throwing techniques that Master Chee Soo taught through his”Breath Art System” he also taught to his senior Feng Shou-Kung Fu black sash grades as part of their training syllabus. So within the LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers all the students are taught throwing methods from a variety of holds, punches and kicking techniques, these throwing methods are usually taught from the Whirling Hands/Arms ( Xuan Shou) and Pushing Hands (Tui Shou) exercises which develop tactile awareness. The reason why the throwing methods are taught from a sticking hands exercise is that to apply an effective throwing technique the student must be able to develop their ability to listen, stick & adhere, neutralise and follow the attackers energy or power and then be able to turn the attackers own strength and power into a fast, devastating throw.

At a higher level of fighting skill not only has the Feng Shou-Kung Fu student got to learn how to apply effect, powerful throwing methods from various holds and grips. They must also learn how to apply these same throws from punching & kicking techniques that come from all angles. These particular throwing methods not only involve joint locking throws such as Finger (Zhi), Wrist (Wan) and Elbow (Zhou) they also include shoulder (Jian), Hip (Kua), Leg (Jiao) type throws that any gender can easily learn and use effectively to defend themselves.

The Chinese consider that a good, well timed powerful throw that tosses the attacker either onto their head, back, hips and legs can cause serious damage and pain to them inflicting great trauma such as dislocation of the hip, shoulder joints, concussion and serious damage to the spinal column and nervous system. The throwing methods are greatly enhanced if the attacker is just thrown onto a hard surface like concrete or stone or even frozen ground. A well balanced Feng Shou-Kung Fu practitioner must be skilled in all areas of fighting and this includes throwing methods (Shuai Fa) that can also be combined with your defensive and offensive hand & foot methods (Shoujiaofa).


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