LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu “The Hip Strike the Hidden Kicking Method” (Kua Da Fa)

A very little known kicking method that many students of the “Hand of 5he Wind Boxing Style” (Feng Shou Quan-Kung Fu) do not seem to train and practice and yet was taught by Master Chee Soo is the “Hip Strike” (Kua Da). Master Chee Soo mainly taught the Hip Strike kicking method as a defence against any type of circular kick that is aimed at your body coming horizontally from either side, you were taught to simply step in close to your opponents body and deliver the Hip Strike to their body knocking them off balance. Within the LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers, students are taught to practice the “Hip Strike” foot pattern alongside the many other types of kicking methods that are taught and practiced in the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu.

When the “Hip Strike” Kicking Method is taught it can be used defensively to just bump and knock the opponent off balance. Or it can be taught offensively alongside strikes, kicks and throws or takedowns. Obviously the “Hip Strike” Kicking Method is a short range weapon that means the student as to use skilful footwork methods (Bu Fa) and skilful hand methods (Shou Fa) to close the distance between themselves and their opponent. Or the “Hip Strike” could be used if the opponent themselves decides to close the distance.

The “Hip Strike” Kicking Method is a very powerful tool to have in one’s tool box when it comes to protecting yourself. As if timed and delivered accurately and correctly it could easily drop the opponent to the ground, especially if the “Hip Strike” is targeted at the opponents groin, even colliding into the opponents own hip or thigh could cause a dislocation of their hip and possibly a dead leg. Now when you combine the “Hip Strike” alongside your Striking & Kicking methods (Shoujiaofa) or your wrestling and throwing methods (Shuaijiaofa) then it becomes a very useful weapon.

In the Chinese fighting arts when you are taught various Kicking methods, you are taught to use all the surface areas of the leg which include the toes, ball of foot, instep, sword edge of the foot, the heel, back of heel, the shin, calf and knee as well as the hip to use defensively or offensively. Sadly not many students of the Feng Shou-Kung Fu system actually know how to use the “Hip Strike” method, hence why you don’t see it being performed openly as many don’t use it or are even aware of this powerful close range Kicking Method.

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