LFIAA Natural Spontaneous Qigong (Zi Fa Gong)

A natural progression for those who study and practice the Wild Goose Qigong (Kunlun Dayan Gong) is to immediately after a good workout going through either the first 64 Pre-Natal or Second 64 Post-Natal Sets a couple of times, or you are able to complete the full 128 postures and can run through it a couple of times to mobilise the Qi and essences (Jing) and begin to cleanse the channels (Jingmai) of sickly energy (Bing Qi) and to stretch and open the joints and sinews to release any joint stiffness or muscular tension that may accumulate due to many reasons. The next natural progression is to then spend a little time practicing what the Chinese call (Zi Fa Gong) or Spontaneous Qigong. This particular practice can help to further release any stagnant emotional energy that may lay deep within the channels, nervous system and internal organs.

To practice the Spontaneous Qigong every individual must approach its practice with a light-heated attitude. As each individual must simply have the feeling of “Letting Go” and move freely in any direction, either passively or vigorously. They can remain standing, move around or lay on the ground, each person can make a sound if they feel that they need to like shouting or laughing if it helps to release any deep emotions that can help to release blocked, stagnant energy that over the years the individual has learnt to suppress and squeeze deep done inside of themselves causing them to feel ill and low in vitality.

At first when a person begins to practice the Spontaneous Qigong their actions and sounds will be strong, big and loud this may remain for a year or more all according to each individuals own development. Gradually each persons actions and sounds will begin to diminish as the individual will begin to become more calmer, still and quiet, the sounds if any will also diminish and the individual becomes more relaxed as their traumatic deep emotion is finally released. Usually once the sickly energy (Bing Qi) as been purged from the energy channels, nervous system and internal organs the individuals health will also strengthen and their vitality levels are replenished .

Spontaneous Qigong (Zi Fa Gong) is a great method to practice alongside the Wild Goose Qigong in helping to bring both physical, emotional and metal health and wellbeing to everyone of any age or gender as long as they are willing to put their time & energy into its practice.


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