LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu “Balancing Fist Set Methods” (Ping Quan Fa)

Within the full system of the Original Hand of the Wind Boxing (Feng Shou Quan) as taught by Master Chee Soo and now being carried on through the LFIAA by Laoshi Keith Ewers. There are three fighting forms to be learnt by every practitioner of this Chinese internal martial art, the first two sets have been openly taught throughout the entire system of the Feng Shou-Kung Fu and many students are already aware of the Poison Hand Striking Sets Methods (Du Shou Da Fa) and the Active Mist Set Methods (Huo Yun Fa). But the lest known fighting set is the “Balancing Fist Set Methods” (Ping Quan Fa).

The Balancing Fist Sets are a combination of the other two fighting sets. As the Poison Hand Striking Set Methods teaches each practitioner how to deliver a series of three strikes using many different hand shapes to target the vital areas of the opponents body, plus it teaches the practitioner how to combine the both the Six External & Internal Harmonies (Liu Wai, Nei He Fa) to produce whole body power. While the Active Mist Set Methods teaches each practitioner to develop a strong defence, again using a variety of single, double and changing hand methods from different angles and heights.

The Balancing Fist Set Methods combine the two elements of the previous two fighting sets, such as fast, accurate, multiple striking techniques with fast, powerful defensive blocks covering all angles. The concept of the Balancing Fist Set is that the Ward Off or block must be simultaneously delivered with a strike at the same time, with no pause or hesitation. Obviously this could be just performed of a single Ward Off or block which is used to enter into the opponents the defence and can then be followed up with a series of Poison Hand Striking methods aimed precisely at the opponents vital points. Or there could be a series of Ward Off and Blocks and the strike is delivered alongside these multiple blocks at the same time until the opponent bent cannot continue their attacks.

The Balancing Fist Set Methods (Ping Quan Fa) are not openly taught to students as they will be first asked to practice and master the two fighting sets of the Poison Hand Striking and Active Mists Set Methods. The Balancing Fist Sets are only taught to senior students who have reached their black sash grades, especially within the LFIAA as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers. As with many traditional Chinese martial arts forms their fighting techniques are some times hidden amongst a lot of flowery movements which have no martial art usage. Whereas the concepts and principals of the three fighting sets that are taught within the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu are very simple, practical, effective in their actions. They are very direct with no added flowery movements to confuse the practitioner in their learning and understanding, but are full of information and application.

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