LFIAA Li Style Taijiquan Joint Locking Methods (Lishi Taiji Qin Na Fa)

Because all styles of taijiquan actively use the eight energies (Ba Jing) methods of Ward Off, Rollback, Press, Squeeze, Pluck, Split, Elbow, Bump. Not only are these eight energies used to create the opportunity to enter into your opponents defence, they are also used in the techniques to manipulate the opponents joints to subdue, immobilise and control them.obviously there are a tremendous amount of variations on how to apply a joint locking methods (Qin Na Fa) onto any of the the major joints of your opponents upper limbs joints such as their fingers, (Zhi); Wrists (Wan); Elbows (Zhou) and Shoulders (Jian).

In the accompanying photo Laoshi Keith Ewers is seen applying a combination Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Joint Locking Technique that is some times called an Outside Figure Four Joint Locking. This particular lock involves the eight energies of Ward Off, and Rollback to enter into the space created by your skilfully ability to re-direct the opponents incoming force. And enter using a Plucking method of both hands to seize the opponents wrist and elbow, twisting and Pressing the wrist, while the opponents elbow is also Plucked into the sides of the body, were it is Squeezed between your hands and body, the opponents elbow becomes locked and your Elbow is placed into the opponents neck to stop them hitting you with their free hand. Once you have achieved the correct angle, leverage and controlled position you then apply a Pressing and Squeezing action involving your hands and body to painfully apply this particular Qin Na Joint Locking Method.

For any practitioner of the Li Style Taijiquan to be able to skilfully use their taijiquan eight energies for self defence reasons. They will also need to work on developing their tactile ability to stick, adhere, follow once they have attached 5hemselves to their opponents limbs and to then listen for the opponents strength and use that strength against themselves by using a superior knowledge of angles, leverage and pressure to effectively apply faSt, practical Taiji Joint Locking ethos’s to subdue, immobilise and control the opponent if needed. Escaping from any hold or grip skilfully applying the eight energies of taijiquan to strike, kick, wrestle or even throw the opponent.

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