LFIAA The Mindfulness Practice of Taiji Qigong (1st Set of Eighteen Exercises) “Shibashi”

There are thousands of people all around the world who are studying and practicing the taiji qigong 1st set of 18 Exercises also known as “Shibashi” to help maintain and improve their health and wellbeing. Although these eighteen exercises are very easy to learn and perform, there is also a tremendous amount of subtlety and skill to each of them that needs to be developed by each individual to help them strengthen the connections between their mind, body & breath. Each individual has to take into account that the practice of taijiquan in general incorporates the ability to:

  1. Develop a better sense of grounding.
  2. Moving the body in six directions.
  3. Connecting the bottom with the top
  4. Connecting the top with the bottom

Regular practice of the taiji qigong 18 Exercises will of cause develop and improve each persons ability to co-ordinate, concentrate and improve their sense of balance. But mindfully each person must also concentrate on the timing, precision and accuracy of the breathing and actions of the whole body being in harmony. Below is a list of things that each individual who is practicing the taiji qigong 18 exercises needs to be taken into account.

  1. The breathing dictates the speed of motion of the whole body.
  2. There should be no sudden unevenness of speed, but a slow, smooth even flow.
  3. The waist leads the body.
  4. There should be no pausing or hesitating of movement.
  5. The body must remain relaxed at all times with no stiffening of the joints.
  6. The legs, torso, hands, breathing and concentration must be involved in every action
  7. There must be closing, opening, rising, sinking, heaviness, lightness, contracting and expanding, stillness & movement.
  8. The breathing must be long, deep, slow and smooth, inhaling & exhaling through the nose.

Gradually as each individual begins to develop their ability to concentrate and be present mindfully within each of their taiji qigong 18 exercises. They will then begin to experience various sensations inside of themselves has the individuals Qi begins to circulate and mobilise throughout the entire body. I will leave this particular blog with great wise words of Lao Zi.

“Difficult and easy compliment each other, Long and short contrast each other, High and low rest upon each other, Voice and sound harmonise with each other, Front and back follow each other”.

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