LFIAA “Mindfullness Within the Practice of Bagua Zhang “

The Eight Trigram Palms (Bagua Zhang) is a Mind, Body & Spirit exercise that incorporates a series of short, compact forms that are all linked together in a sequence, while walking in a circle, constantly changing direction using twisting, Spiralling and rotating actions of the whole body. Each of the Bagua Zhang forms are short with only eight movements in total that are performed on both sides of the body, but these eight movements demand that each individual develops their ability to co-ordinate, maintain their balance and hold their concentration while performing the form, while walking in a circle.

It is through the intricate movements of a typical Bagua Zhang form that begins to develop the individuals ability to concentrate and calm their mind. This is down to encouraging each individual to concentrate on maintaining the same speed as they perform their movements and of walking the circle, there should not be any sudden speeding up or slowing down of their movements and differently no stopping or pausing of their actions. Secondly the individual needs to concentrate on the timing of using their waist (Yao) to lead and guide the actions of the turning of their feet and hands. So that the whole body the legs, torso and arms are all co-ordinated and connected together as one unit, gradually this will begin to strengthen each individuals ability to concentrate and hold their focus for a long period of time, slowly beginning to tame their minds from allowing thoughts to enter their mind and distract them from their Bagua Zhang Practice.

The Chinese consider the mind to be like a playful monkey (Hou) which allows loads of thoughts to enter and confuse the mind, for-which some of these thoughts can cause the individual to become tense, irritable, anxious. It is through the practice of Bagua Zhang external (Wai Gong) and Internal (Nei Gong) practices that will develop each individuals ability to be able to calm, tame and occupy their own mind at all times, remaining in control of their mind, rather than their. Monkey Mind being in control and causing anxiety and stress issues that can greatly affect each persons health and wellbeing.

As with the practice of Tai Chi which places great emphasis on learning how to breath correctly. The practice Of Bagua Zhang also places the same importance on learning correct breathing in co-ordination with the movements of each of the short and compact forms that will greatly enhance the connections of the mind & body of each person helping them to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing.


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