LFIAA Original Lee/Li Style Taijiquan “Rolling the Shoulders”

Irrespective of what particular style of taijiquan you decide to study and practice they all involve circular actions of the joints, with each particular circle no matter what direction or size you perform all must blend into each other. Everyone knows that there are no linear movements in the practice of taijiquan everything should be circular. Circular actions allows the individual to maintain the flexibility and range of mobility in each joint and increases the blood and Qi circulation throughout the whole body. In the practice of the Lee/Li style taijiquan the circular action of rolling the shoulders allows the movements of the arms to connect to the spinal column which helps the Li/Lee style taijiquan practitioner to develop a more relaxed and supple back and spinal column. The shoulders are considered to be the root of the both arms, meaning that to move the hands or the tip, the shoulders should move firstly in a circular and then the arms and hands will also move in a circle. Sadly there are many people who are practicing and learning the Lee/Li Style taijiquan and simply just move their hands from the elbows and do not include any movement of the shoulders, nor do they try to even draw a circle.

The practice of taijiquan in general irrespective of the style is only beneficial for the health and maintenance of strength of the body & mind as long as it is performed correctly involving circular movements of the joints of the whole body that act like pumps to generate a better and stronger c flow of blood and Qi through the body. Whereas, taijiquan can also be performed incorrectly, meaning that there is no circular actions of the joints, no connection of the arms to the spinal column, no continuity of each circle blending into another just semi circles or linear actions that do not develop or improve the individuals flexibility and maintains their range of mobility.

Taijiquan is considered to be a high level exercise that is excellent at helping to maintain health and wellbeing, irrespective of how old the individual may be. Once an individual begins their journey in the study and practice of taijiquan gradually developing their accuracy, self awareness and skill in the manipulation of their joints to perform circular movements of various sizes and in many directions they then must try and maintain its practice to attain a high level of proficiency. If they do not and only practice their Li/Lee style taijiquan form every now and then, with long gaps of not practicing the standard and quality of their practice will suffer and hence the benefits they receive will be little.

Every movement that is performed in the practice of taijiquan in general should be circular with each circle flowing into another. These circles are performed by gently rotating the joints of the body, especially the shoulders and hips as these joints are the major joints that connect to the spinal column and allows for the bottom and top of the body to become fully connected and for the whole body to receive the benefits of the soft, gentle, flowing self healing movements of a quality taijiquan practice can offer.

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