LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu Staff Fighting Methods ”Rollaways 3 Steps Paired Exercise” ( Gun San Bu Fa)

Within the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu there are a lot of weapons like the Staff (Gun), Broadsword (Dao), Straight Sword (Jian), Knife (Xiao Dao) and Two/Three Section Whips (Sanjiebian). The most popular and usually the first weapon taught to students of the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu is the Staff (Gun), sadly today many of the groups, associations and organisations that also teach and promote the Feng Shou-Kung Fu style only seem to practice the Staff Form and Staff swinging exercises. But irrespective of what weapon you use it is still only considered to be an extension of the hand, so practicing with the Staff should involve blocking, striking, disarming, joint locking and throwing techniques which are obviously trained and developed through paired partner practice.

Rollaways (Da Shou Fa) is a two-person Feng Shou-Kung Fu training exercise that can be performed with or without weapons. In the LFIAA Original Feng Shou Kung Fu as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers students are taught a “Three Step Rollaway Method” (San Bu Da Shou Fa) which is also performed using the Staff (Gun). It can be practiced using linear, angular and circular stepping methods and allows the Feng Shou-Kung Fu student to develop and improve their Staff fighting techniques like high & low Blocking methods ( Lan Fa), a variety of angled striking methods (Gun Da Fa), dodging/evading methods (Shan Duo Fa) joint locking (Qin Na and throwing Methods (Shuai Fa). Practicing the Rollaways Three Step Exercise with the Staff also develops each students ability to better improve their timing, reactions, accuracy, speed and power with the Staff (Gun).

It is only through the two-person paired practice that an individual can truly become skilful with the use of the Staff using practical, effective techniques that can be used to change and adapt to overcome any situation wether the opponent is armed or unarmed. Feng Shou -Kung Fu advocates skilful footwork methods that allows the student to dodge and evade and change their angles of attack, not just attacking the opponent from the front as many other styles of martial arts use, but to attack the opponent from either side or from behind which means that the Feng Shou-Kung Fu student must not only develop fast evasive footwork methods, but also skilful Staff fighting methods that can be combined with their ability to be constantly on the move.

As I have already mentioned above to many groups and organisation that teach and promote the Feng Shou-Kung Fu mainly practice the Staff Form, or pre-arranged Staff fighting sequences. Which only covers very basic techniques and does not teach the student to be skilfully spontaneous, and natural in the use of the Feng Shou-Kung Fu Staff to be able to adapt and change their Staff fighting techniques appropriately to overcome any situation.

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