LFIAA Studying the “Seizing & Grasping Methods (Qin Na Fa)” For Easy, Fast, Practical Self Defence For Everyone.

One of most asked questions that I am always asked by many individuals about studying, practicing the Chinese internal martial arts is how long will it take me to learn? For which I will always mention that it can take a few years to truly become proficient. Sadly for man6 individuals in today’s very fast modern lifestyle is that they expect everything to be delivered quickly, they do not want to be sacrificing a number of years to learning a discipline that could greatly benefit them and change they lives positively. In today’s society individuals would like to learn a martial art that can be learnt in a short period of time as their lives are very busy with work, family and friends and they do not seem to have plenty of time to just give to learning an internal martial art that may take many years to Master.

So this is were learning the Chinese martial art of “Seizing & Grasping ” (Qin Na) the Joints, Tendons, Muscles, Blood Vessels and Meridians can be easier to learn and become proficient in within a short period of time. Seizing & Grasping Methods can be performed from various types of holds, grips, punches and kicks they are applied to effect the assailants kinematic chain system which governs everyone’s ability to freely move around, they involve the understanding of body physics such as leverage, angles, fulcrum and power source methods like extending, twisting, rotating, bending techniques that can help each individual to apply fast, practical and effective joint locking techniques that can take very little strength to apply in being able to subdue or immobilise an aggressive assailant.

Learning and practicing the Seizing & Grasping Methods (Qin Na Fa) allows individuals to learn a wide variety of self defence techniques that can be learnt within a very short period of time and can fit into the individuals who lives a very fast, busy lifestyle and cannot advocate a lot of time in learning a martial art that may take many years to become skilled in. Whereas, learning how to apply a few Seizing & Grasping Methods from a wide variety of holds and punches can be learnt in a much shorter period of time and are very suitable for children who suffer from bullying in schools, women and girls who are afraid of being attacked and off cause for men who need to learn how to defend themselves as well.

Learning and studying the “Seizing & Grasping Methods” (Qin Na Fa) on how to effectively lock the joints of the body to control and restrain an aggressive assailant do not take a tremendous amount of strength to apply. Most joint locking techniques are applied against the upper limbs as the hands and arms are the most likely to be used to attack with such as trying to hold onto a part of the body or to throw a punch from a particular angle. So an individual who study’s and practices the Seizing & Grasping Methods of Qin Na will mainly apply powerful joint locks against a. assailants shoulders, elbows, wrist and finger joints which cause a tremendous amount of pain and could seriously damage the assailant.

For more information about learning the “Seizing & Grasping Methods of Qin Na then please contact us through our Facebook page at “Lee Family Internal Arts”.

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