LFIAA Four Season Seated Qigong (Si Ji Zuo Gong) Autumn Season Exercises.

The first of September sees the beginning of the Autumn three month season for which the Daoist’s signify as the period of the “White Tiger” which is associated with the functioning of the Lungs. Gradually as the Summer heat turns to a cooler Autumn the Lungs can be affected by the excessive heat of summer and can become weaker as the the excess heat becomes trapped within the Lungs causing them to become dry which lowers the Qi of the Lungs, which can then allow individuals to catch colds or influenza and coughs weakening their immune system. Practicing the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong (Si Ji Zuo Gong) especially for the three months of Autumn can help to repair and strengthen the functioning of the Lungs by gradually removing the excess heat that has become trapped within the Lungs and help the Lungs to become moist rather than dry, especially as the seasons are changing from a Yang (warm) period of Summer into a much Yin (Cooler) period of Autumn into a greater Yin (Cold) of Winter.

The exercises are easy to learn and practice, they involve various breathing (Tu Na) Methods, gentle stretching, Guiding & Leading Methods (Daoyin) alongside self massaging methods (Tui Na) for which, when all methods are connected together can give each individual a deep sense of mindfulness meditation exercise. Studying and practicing the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong exercises allows each individual to change and protect their own health and wellbeing as each season goes by. As each season arrives they all bring their own external pathogens that can greatly effect the health and wellbeing of every individual, causing various ailments to come to the fore if the individuals own protective Qi has become weak due to lack of regular practice of the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong or tired from over working or eating a poor diet or burnt out from excessive workouts that have lowered your energy levels, weakening the immune system. I have personally witnessed this during the cold of Winter with many of my friends who do excessive workouts during the winter and catch colds and influenza because they are burning up all of their energy in a period were each individual should learn to cultivate, store their energy as excessive workouts can tire the Kidneys which are the storage of our vitality levels.

For those already practicing or wishing to practice the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong exercises will bring individuals into harmony with nature and the Dao (Way). Allowing individuals to become more in balance and sensitive to the energy of each of the seasons helping them to maintain their health and wellbeing to living a long life irrespective of age, gender or ability.

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