LFIAA Returning to the Root with Life Nourishing Arts (Yang Sheng Shu)

Today to many people are frantically living their life’s wasting their energy , weakening their immune system and allowing their health to suffer in the pursuit of economical gain. For a bigger house, a flashier car and lavish holidays, even the way that they exercise is stressful on their bodies, burning up their life energy that they will obviously need in their old age to help them maintain a youthful, fit, supple and relaxed body & mind. Today there are not many individuals who try to incorporate a little time for them to return to stillness, weather it be through sitting in meditation or performing some slow, gentle flowing movements of either taijiquan or Qigong that allows each individual to cultivate, harness their energy and slow down the ageing process and learn how to regenerate the bodies health and wellbeing by storing and strengthening your life energy (Qi).

Bringing a sense of balance into your daily routine and allowing yourself to become more aware of finding a time just to slow down and develop a time to become calm and still through simply walking into a park and practice some Qigong that gently opens and stretches the joints, muscles and tendons can greatly revitalise your energy levels, plus through its deep breathing it can develop a deeper sense of calmness and relaxation. Obviously if you cannot go into a park because there is not one near to you or the weather is to bad to go outside. Then find a perfect time of the day or evening to just do some mindful practice that allows you to slow down and find some stillness and peacefulness inside yourself.

“Returning to the Root” means to return to stillness or nothingness. As we came from nothing and at the end of our lives we will return to nothing. Some people will get there quicker than others because they burn up their life energy (Qi) through living their lives to frantically, wasting up their Qi through bad diets, over working living their life’s to fast that cause to much anxiety and stress affecting the circulation of Qi by allowing it to slow down or. Even stop and stagnate, which then causes their immune system to gradually weaken and suffer with ill health.

Practicing the life nourishing arts of taijiquan, Qigong, baguazhang or even meditation are not there just to simply learn how to relax. But to help you strengthen the connections between the body, mind & spirit. Which can only be achieved through slowing your life down and spending time to develop the feeling of inner calmness and stillness inside yourself each day to cultivate, store and build your Qi to allow you to live a long life with good health and vitality in your old age, living your life independently, what matters more self or wealth.

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