LFIAA Lishi Taijiquan “Using Taiji to Control the Emotions”

We all at some time during the day or week will suffer with low energy levels within ourselves that can cause our mood to change making us feel low, grumpy and a little depressed. Through the regular daily practice of taijiquan in general it can help to balance your emotions and big changes of energy levels that could affect your emotional state, for example performing the slow, gentle, smooth flowing actions of taijiquan which involve rising, lowering, opening and closing actions that are repeated throughout the entire Lishi Taijiquan form will gradually allow the energy (Qi) of the body to follow suit, which allows Qi that has been trapped in various areas of the entire body to be moved and released. This sudden release of trapped energy within an individual’s body can allow certain emotions to also be released that have laid hidden deeply within the body for some time and some individuals will experience a sudden surge of energy and realise that there mood as changed from being low to suddenly to being more lively and alert.

Obviously simply performing your Taijiquan movements will not move the Qi around your body unless you are fully connected with your mind, body & breath and you can gradually begin to experience certain sensations within yourself which again takes a longtime to develop. But the first step to developing this sensitivity of energy (Qi) movement within our bodies is through regular day to day self practice, whereas the longer periods of were we do not practice for a few days or weeks can cause our Qi to slow down or stagnate and cause us to feel greater mood swings in ourselves as the Qi becomes stagnant or trapped in various parts of our body.

Throughout each day we are constantly placed under some stressful situation, especially in the work place having to meet the pressure of a deadline, or mixing in with difficult Work colleagues, plus family commitments such as illness all can have a great effect on your emotional state. Learning to simply practice a little taijiquan during each day can greatly help in boosting your energy levels and maintaining a more balanced and healthy emotional state. If you do not have the time to perform your Lishi Taijiquan form each day, just simply practicing the Lishi Taijiquan first opening “Gathering Heavens Energy Posture” a few times slowly raising the both arms above the height of the shoulders will gradually raise the Qi of the individual upwards towards the head and change their mood from being low to being more lively and present.

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