LFIAA Wild Goose Qigong Practice “Constant Motion” (Bu Duan Dong)

A regular problem that many individuals suffer with in class when practicing the Wild Goose Qigong is the ability to maintain a continuous flow of movement that does not stop, pause, hesitate or speed up and slow down. Usually many beginners and individuals who do not take the time to practice in their own time have a tendency to lose their concentration, which then affects the smoothness of their qigong movements and practice, making them either speed up and slow down or to actually pause. This obviously has a negative affect on the circulation of Qi within each individual causing the Qi to slow down and gather in various areas of the body, which if left for to long can also cause blockages which can then lower the individuals vitality levels and weaken their immune system.

While performing the Wild Goose Qigong there are two types of speed or tempo that the individual must pay great attention to and try to maintain. The first speed is slow, gentle and passive the over-al movements should be co-ordinated with the breathing (Xi) and the breathing should be long, deep, slow, and smooth which allows the individual to develop a deep feeling of inner stillness (Jing). The second type of speed that the individual needs to be aware Off is the more vigorous, quicker, active movement (Dong) that gently allows the heart rate to speed up allowing for more blood (Xue) to be pumped around the entire body to nourish the internal organs and strengthen the health of each individual.

Once the individual begins their Wild Goose Qigong Exercise they must pay attention in maintaining the two correct tempos of slow and vigorous. Sadly some individuals just simply maintain the same speed from start to finish, this is some times caused by the individuals own anxiety’s and stress that they bring with them into the class and their anxiety or worry’s can cause them to speed up their actions as their concentration is greatly disrupted. When individuals stop and hesitate in the practice of the Wild Goose Qigong, again it could be a lack of concentration or that they have simply forgot the movements due to lack of regular self practice.

Developing a constant state of motion in the practice of the Wild Goose Qigong and making sure to maintain the two types of speed greatly connects both mind, body & breath. Allowing each individual to feel, sense and connect to the movement of their own Qi inside themselves as they perform the more slower actions of their Wild Goose Qigong. Whereas, the more vigorous movements allow the individual to develop their stamina and helps them to release any negative, sickly energy (Bing Qi) that has accumulated over time like frustration, irritability, anger or depression that may build up inside from the pressure of the work place, family or friends. The more vigorous actions of the Wild Goose Qigong not only strengthens their fitness but it also helps to maintain a balanced, calm emotional state.

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