LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu “Ground Fighting Methods” (Di Zhan Fa)

Over the many years that I have been studying, teaching and practicing the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu Internal Martial Art System I have noticed that not many practitioners of this Kung Fu style seem to talk about or demonstrate any ground fighting methods (Di Zhan Fa) that are part of the Feng Shou-Kung Fu style. My teacher Master Chee Soo would teach a variety of ground fighting methods ranging from learning how to use your legs to block, kick and bind your opponents limbs to bring them to the floor, usually he would perform this from the main Feng Shou-Kung Fu ground fighting stance known as the “Drunkard Posture” (Zui Han Shi) as seen in the accompanying photo with this blog. Obviously there are many more such stances that are used to defend oneself other than just using the Drunkard Stance, such as the low Leopard Stance (Bao Shi) or the Frog Stance (Wa Shi) etc.

Today most modern martial arts such as MMA mainly use Wrestling techniques with some striking from the floor, but they use very little kicking methods. Plus, usually the ground fighting techniques that are performed in MMA are used when one of the fighters as been knocked to the floor and the opponent then follows them to the floor. Whereas in the ground fighting methods of the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu not only can we defend ourselves from being knocked to the floor by using kicking, striking, wrestling and throwing methods. We can also use certain fighting techniques to actually bring the opponent to the ground at the same time were we can then continue our attack by using strikes, kicks or joint locking techniques to subdue or immobilise the opponent.

As for the development of the Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu to many practitioners seem to only concentrate on the fighting methods that are performed from a standing position and do not place the same amount of emphasis on learning to defend from the ground, which there is always a possibility that if may happen due to many reasons. A fully balanced and all round martial art should also include ground fighting methods alongside its upright fighting and weapon training methods. I personally look at the Feng Shou-Kung Fu ground fighting methods as a backup to the possibility of having to either take the opponent to the floor or because I have slipped or have been knocked to the floor and I still need to defend myself as the opponent continues their aggressive attacks.

In the traditional Chinese martial arts there are three fighting levels or basins (San Pen Zi) that each individual as to be proficient in, the high level position it includes blocking, evasions, striking, kicking including aerial kicks. The middle level position also involves blocks, evasion, strikes, kicks plus takedowns. The lower level position involves kicks, strikes, takedowns using binding techniques which are performed from the ground. Sadly within the Feng Shou-Kung Fu the lower level ground fighting methods seems to be lacking in its development with some of its practitioners, but within the LFIAA Original Feng Shou-Kung Fu as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers the ground fighting methods are still being taught and developed to make Feng Shou-Kung Fu become an all round balanced Internal Martial Art.


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