LFIAA Daoist Internal Arts (Daojia Nei Shu) “The Mind Leads the Energy”

Irrespective which particular Daoist internal art you decide to study and practice that we offer to individuals within the LFIAA such as Taijiquan, Feng Shou Quan-Kung Fu, Wild Goose Qigong or Baguazhang they all teach each individual to co-ordinate their breathing (Xi) with their movements, especially if they are performing a form or sequence. The breathing allows the individual to cultivate and mobilise their energy (Qi), but more importantly it connects the individuals mind or intention (Yi) to their body (Xing). Usually when they practice their form work the movements are performed slowly so as to allow the individual to combine their breathing and movements together, which also develops their concentration levels allowing the individual to sense the movement of their Qi as it mobilises itself throughout the individuals entire body.

Gradually, over a long period of time of regularly practicing their chosen discipline each individual will begin to experience the sensations of Qi moving through their body. These sensations can involve the feeling of warmth or heat, tingling like pins & needles, fullness of the extremities and even the sensation of the Qi moving like rising, lowering and gathering in the body or limbs. Some times because individuals place to much emphasis on the co-ordination of their breathing with their movements, the breathing can also get in the way of them developing their sensitivity and awareness of the movement of Qi within their own bodies..

It is said as part of the “Six Internal Harmonies” (Nei Liuhe) that the Intention (Yi) should connect to the Heart (Xin) and that the Intention (Yi) should then connect to the energy (Qi) and the energy (Qi) should then connect to their strength (Li). This means that over a long period of time the individual’s mind or intention (Yi) should become strong enough to connect to their own energy (Qi) and be able to guide and lead (Daoyin) their Qi throughout the entire body without the use of their breathing. Obviously for any individual to reach this level of proficiency means that they must practice on a daily basis over a period of years. The breathing is simply a tool to help bring the mind and body together and help each individual to develop their ability to concentrate, once the mind becomes awake to the movement of Qi inside themselves and can connect to the Qi, it then becomes its master in being able to manipulate the Qi without letting the breathing get in the way.

Sadly, to many individuals can only get a sense of their own Qi moving inside themselves by still co-ordinating their breathing with their actions, which means that they have not been able to develop a strong intention (Yi) over the period of time that they have been studying and practicing to be able to harmonise with their Qi. Usually this is simply down to a lack of regular practice by the individual which makes them become to dependent upon their breathing to be able to feel their Qi. Which can also get in the way of them becoming aware of the sensitivity to feel and listen to the movement of their Qi within themselves.


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