LFIAA How To Relieve Stress With Internal Martial Arts Training.

In today’s fast, hectic modern lifestyle many individuals suffer with work related stress which unfortunately has become a “norm” for many people all around the world. Limited resources, long working hours, demanding deadlines,, job insecurity and the pressure of interpersonal conflict can greatly affect the individuals emotional, mental and physical health. With our fast paced world we all need to take a break and distance ourselves from the stresses and strains of everyday life, it is important that we all take a moment to breathe and reconnect and centre ourselves. For this purpose, the Martial Arts Training works well as a method of stress relieve.

Clear your Mind and Replenish your energy levels.

Training within the Martial Arts can be a personal place of sanctuary for stress relief by physically and mentally distancing yourself from the stress of everyday life for a while. No matter whether your Martial Arts Training is performed in a training hall, or classroom or in a park in your spare time during the week either at work or at home, simply practicing your chosen Martial Art itself will force you to concentrate your physical and mental attention on your practice, so clearing your mind. In addition the Chinese Internal Martial Arts also involve the practice of Internal Martial Arts Qigong or breathing exercises that also involve stretching of the muscles, tendons and joints focusing the mind and body. Internal Martial Arts Qigong practice focuses your breathe to oxygenate the muscles, making them become more relaxed and pliable. Indeed, the more you progress and advance within the Internal Martial Arts, it is apparent that the more relaxed your muscles become is a fundamental stage to performing well.

Improving human relationships -Respect, Humility, Integrity And Benevolence.

Practicing the Internal Martial Arts is being part of a family group as all students and members are considered to be your brother and sisters, which means that you show each other respect, kindness and benevolence etc. Hence the relationships you develop with your other class mates can help to develop a better relationship with your boss, work colleagues and customers. Respect, humility and integrity are all tenets of every Traditional Internal Martial Art, how you treat someone in the training hall is exactly how you will treat people in other areas of your life. The patience and fortitude you learn along your Internal Martial Arts journey can help you to navigate the sometimes difficult interpersonal situations that we can encounter in the workplace.

There are many people who have managed to change their stressful lives through the study and practice of the Internal Martial Arts. If your job has you stressed out physically and mentally, and you are suffering from back ache or back pain and your energy levels are low. Then take up the practice of the Internal Martial Arts as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers of the LFIAA and learn how to recharge yourself with Internal Martial Art Qigong, Striking, Kicking, Wrestling and Throwing.

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