LFIAA Developing the Unseen thru the practice of Qigong.

Within the study and practice of the Chinese internal arts that are taught by the LFIAA under the direction of Laoshi Keith Ewers many individuals concentrate on developing the more obvious physical qualities the aspects that can be seen., such as their balance, relaxation, fitness and flexibility, while in the Chinese internal arts this would be considered as developing the external (Wai Gong) aspect to each persons training. Whereas the individual who practices of the internal arts (Neijiaquan) should also concentrate on developing the “Unseen” qualities which are considered to be internal or (Nei Gong) aspects, what then do we mean exactly as developing the “Unseen” qualities, firstly the individual must begin to improve their breathing (Xi) so that it is long, deep, smooth, thin, slow and quiet the breathing can only be felt by the individual themselves, second ly this will then lead them to strengthen their own concentration which needs to grow to be able to prolong their mental focus over a long period of time, again this can only be performed b the individual over a long period of training and is not obvious to anyone else, thirdly is to then feel and sense the movement of their own internal energy known as their Qi as it travels around the whole body.

Today, many individuals who study and practice either Taijiquan or a particular qigong style mainly focus their training on the physical aspects of their chosen subject, rather than focusing more on their mental and energetic qualities. Such as their Qi for example which cannot be seen, it cannot be tasted nor can the individual smell it. It can only be felt or sensed as it travels and moves through the whole body, again it is an “Unseen” quality that many individuals will never be able to Master as they focus to much of their time on developing only their physical quality’s. But gradually overtime if the individual is truly committed to developing and harmonising their external and internal quality’s while practicing either their Qigong or taijiquan.

Obviously it takes a lot of time, patience, commitment and discipline from each individual to cultivate and develop their “Unseen” energy to the point that it all of their training is guided towards and around the development of their Qi. It is said by Masters of the Chinese Internal Arts that when a student begins their practice of qigong for example at first they are develop their physical attributes, gradually as the body becomes stronger they will soon realise that their mind needs to becomes stronger, so that body & mind can connect together, as their mental strength becomes stronger the individuals own actions become more precise and accurate, then gradually as the individuals skill begins to grow to a high level the development of their Qi begins to strengthen so that the individual allows their Qi to guides their movements. Which in-turn then leads the individual to attain the highest level which is to allow their spirit (Shen) to guide everything that they do in the practice of their Qigong or taijiquan, sadly not everyone who practices taijiquan or Qigong will ever reach this level as it takes a tremendous amount of time and commitment from each person and sadly today not everyone is that dedicated.

Today as a teacher we are happy just to have some students begin to remember the actions never mind feel their own Qi Within our present time everyone expects quick results from very little practice time and in the internal arts the individual who practices them for health and wellbeing truly knows that the true medicine that one can receive from committed practice over a very long period of training towards strengthen, nourishing the whole body towards good health, wellbeing and long life can only be produces through the cultivation and harnessing of the “Unseen”.

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