LFIAA Energy Bodywork Massage “Pressing Method” (An Shen Fa)

The Pressing method of the energy Bodywork Massage system as taught by Laoshi Keith Ewers and what he was taught by Master Chee Soo can be broken down into three particular methods.

  • Pressing
  • Pressing In
  • Point Pressing

The first method of Pressing is just to simply use the whole palm to press into the muscles of the individual, the practitioner can also use the fist or forearms to apply the Pressing technique to the muscles to break up any tension that may have accumulated due to injury, poor working conditions or lack of exercise. With this particular Pressing method the practitioner mainly learns how to use their body weight to add strength and depth to their Pressing methods to help release muscular tension, obviously due to their practice of qigong the practitioner should be able to bring warmth to the areas of the patients body that they are working on which helps to relax the muscles and allows the tension to be removed.

The second method known as Pressing In allows the practitioner to enter deeply into the interior of the patients body to reach their organs. Obviously this done by the practitioner learning how to connect their own Qi to the patients to help guide and influence the movement of the patients Qi to either gather to tonify to strengthen, or to rise and lower the Qi to move it and improve flow, or to disperse and break up a blockage that has developed over time. Obviously for the practitioner to be able to manipulate the patients energy they will have to be practicing Qigong regularly on a day to day basis to help maintain and strengthen their own development of Qi and the ability to become sensitive to its movement within their own body’s so that they can reciprocate the same sensations within the body of the patient.

The third method of the Pressing method is known as Pressing Points Method (Dian Xue Fa). Here the practitioner can use their fingers, thumbs, various areas of the palm or the whole hand to press into the energy cavities (Qixue) which are located on the Yin & Yang meridians of the patients body to treat both external and internal ailments. Again the emphasis that is taught and encouraged within the Energy Bodywork Massage method of Laoshi Keith Ewers is “Qi first and strength second”. Sadly there are too many practitioners of the Lishi Bodywork Massage system who were taught by Master Chee Soo who simply practice the many massage techniques on a physical level (Waigong) and do not emphasis or work on the energetic or internal (Neigong) level which obviously takes much longer to learn, develop and master.

As my teacher Master Chee Soo always liked to mention to all of his students “The various health, healing, meditative or martial arts that he taught were all connected to each other” this means that the energy cultivation, circulation that one learns from their practice of either taijiquan, Dao yoga or the many Daoyin exercises for health or martial art that are taught, should also be used within the practice and treatment of the Energy Bodywork Massage system so that all of the arts are connected and useful on many levels.

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