LFIAA Daoist Kunlun “Triple Spiral Qigong” (San Luo Xuan Gong)

Another of the Daoist Kunlun Mountain Schools Qigong forms that is taught by the LFIAA is the “Triple Spitalling Qigong form (San Luo Xuan Gong) this particular Qigong form involves both passive & Vigorous movements that gently open and stretch the muscles, tendons and joints of the whole body increasing the flexibility and mobility of each practitioner. It also involves a few energetic hand mudras (Yin Shou) or shapes like the Sword Fingers Hand Method (Jian Zhi Fa) which is seen being used in the accompanying photo of Laoshi Keith Ewers with this blog. Another hand shape method also performed in the practice of the Triple Spiralling Qigong form is known as the “Plum Blossom Claw Method” (Mei Hua Zhua Fa) which is used to gather the Qi into the energy cavity located in the centre of the palms known as the “Labours Palace” (Lao Gong) and is associated with the pericardium meridian or also known as the Heart protector channel.

Another aspect of the Triple Spiralling Qigong form is that it also combines both linear and circular stepping methods using the “Mud Wading Stepping Method” (Tangnibu Fa) which are obviously combined with hand and arm actions to manipulate both the earth and heaven Qi that passes through everything and everyone. Within certain Daoist temple practices was the method of using circle walking meditation to achieve a trance like state. The. Study and practice of the Triple Spiralling Qigong form also involves this “Circle Walking Meditation” (Huan Bu Jing Xin) to allow the practitioner to gather and harness the Qi around them to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Health -wise the Triple Spiralling Qigong Form will strengthen the individuals circulatory & respiratory systems, soothe their nervous systems, maintain their muscular skeletal strength well into old age helping the individual to slow down the ageing process of the whole body. Wellbeing-wise the regular practice of the Triple Spiralling Qigong movements will gradually develop the individuals ability to relax deeply into themselves, finding a place of stillness and peace. It will also allow them to grow their awareness of being more connected spiritually to their surroundings, meaning nature (Zi Ran) and everyone in it. It will teach them to remain calm when life becomes fast, hectic and some times stressful allowing them to release and disperse negative sickly energy (Qi) that they might have accumulated both physically and emotionally.

I personally believe that regular practice of the Daoist Kunlun Mountain schools Qigong system is a great gift that everyone should learn and practice as it opens many Secret doors (Mi Men) to ourself on a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels that many do not know exists within themselves. It allows you to have a positive tool to combat all the bad stuff that life can throw at you as it effects your own health and wellbeing helping you to live a long independently happy life.

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