LFIAA “Four Seasonal Seated Qigong” (Si Ji Zuo Gong)

Springtime is nearly upon us and it brings the season of the Green Dragon (Qing Long) which is associated with the five element “Wood” (Mu) whose colour is green and Wood is produced from from Water and produces Fire. This springtime Seated Qigong Exercise is practiced to nourish and repair the functioning of the Liver internal organ during the three months of spring, the Liver is considered to be the mother of the Heart (Fire) and the son of the Kidneys (Water). The practitioner will perform the spring green dragon Qigong exercises from a seated position facing the direction of the East and then end up facing the direction of the South.

The Four Seasonal Seated Qigong exercises are one of the five traditional Daoist Qigong styles that are still today being taught within China’s Daoist temples and monasteries as part of their “Nourishing Life Arts” (Yang Sheng Shu) exercises. The Four Season Seated Qigong was created by the Daoist monk Chen Tuan 960-1279 which make theses Qigong exercises around nine hundred years old, Chen Tuan was also said to be the creator of the Chinese internal martial art of “Six Harmonies and Eight Methods” (Liu He Ba Fa Kung Fu).

The springtime Seated Seasonal Qigong exercises are broken down into seven sections that only take around ten to fifteen minutes to perform. Personally I much prefer to practice the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong exercise immediately after my Seated mediation practice, as the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong exercises are considered to be external work (Waidan), whereas the Seated Meditational practice is considered to be internal work or (Neidan so I get a balanced Yin & Yang workout that promotes not just physical wellbeing, but emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

The seven sections of the springtime green dragon Seated Qigong exercises involve the knocking of the teeth, the swallowing of Qi, co-ordinated stretching movements and breathing exercises, self massaging methods which should be practiced everyday once in he morning and once in the evening for the three months of springtime. Today in many community’s around the world thousands of people are actively participating in all kinds of physical sport to help them gain good heath and wellbeing. The practice and study of the Four Seasonal Seated Qigong exercises effect each individuals physical, emotional and mental health and wellbeing through soft, relaxed, passive activity that combines both body, mind and breath work.

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