LFIAA “The Five Body Section Methods of Taiji Qigong 36 Exercises”

Before anyone begins to practice any of the Taiji Qigong thirty six (Sanliushi) exercise form they must first understand the five sections of the body that must be involved in every exercise. Within the practice of Taiji Qigong there is a saying “That if one part of the body moves, then all parts of the body must move as well”. This saying basically means that the whole body actions must be smoothly linked and connected together, with no isolated parts of the body not moving and not being involved with the rest of the entire body’s actions. So what are the five body sections that must be linked and connected by each individual while performing any of the Taiji Qigong thirty-six exercise

The five body sections that must be all active in any of the Taiji Qigong thirty-six exercises are the .

  1. The Legs (Tuo).
  2. The Torso (Shen).
  3. The Hands/Arms (Shou/Bei)
  4. The Eyes (Yan).
  5. The Breath (Xi)

The legs are used to rise and sink or to rock the body weight from one leg to another either in a sideward or forwards to backwards direction. The torso involves the expanding, contracting and turning of the waist (Yao) and the gentle stretching of the spinal column, The action of the hands and arms must also involve various size circles that are performed slowly and relaxed, The eyes correspond to the individuals ability to concentrate, for where the eyes are looking is were the individuals concentration should be and that should on guiding and leading the Qi into the primary moving limb. The breathing is used to control the over-al speed of each movement, the individual must try to co-ordinate their movements with their breathing. The breathing must be long, deep, slow and smooth usually on the inhalation the body actions are either rising or contracting, whereas on the exhalation the body’s actions should be sinking or expanding.

The more the individual can skilfully learn to interlink and connect the whole five body sections together, more body fluids and Qi will be pumped around the entire body improving the circulation that is important to each individuals. Health and wellbeing. As the nutrients that body’s internal organs need to function properly to maintain a healthy individual fully relays on your circulation. Because all the body movements are controlled by the breathing, which means everything moves very slowly, allowing for the mind and body to become deeply relaxed, calm and still helping to release any stress, anxiety, irritability and tension that has accumulated through illness, work conditions or family commitments.

Each of the Taiji Qigong thirty-six exercises are very easy and simple to learn, but very hard to master as each exercise as many layers to them. Which means that the individual must be mindfully aware of activating these many layers which can take many years to Master and become skilful with, but their first step must be to fully integrate the five sections of the body in their Taiji Qigong exercises.

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