LFIAA Taiji Qigong “Applying the 70% Rule to improve the Qi and blood circulation”

What is meant t by applying the 70% rule in the practice and study of the taiji qigong thirty six exercises (Sanliushi). Firstly the aim is to teach individuals to stop them from stiffening their joints or tensing up their muscles and using to much strength in their actions while performing any of the taiji qigong exercises. If you consider that the locking of the body joints and the fully tensing up of the muscles is considered to at 100%, then the individual is asked to try and lessen their stiffness and muscle tension to about 70% they must be fully be-aware while performing any of their taiji qigong. movements not to fully lock the joints of their whole body, nor should they use any great amount of physical strength by the tensing of their muscles, their body movement must involve the feeling of softness and lightness which will help them to relax and release any hardness or heaviness that they carry in their body’s joints and muscles that they have accumulated over the years due to poor posture, bad working conditions or illness.

As the individual begins to apply the 70% rule within their practice of the taiji qigong exercises they will begin to experience various sensations that maybe they have not felt for many years. Firstly they might begin to feel a tingling sensation like pins & needles within they finger tips and on the surface areas of their skin, some individuals will also experience warmth or heat flowing through the length of their extremities and in time throughout their entire body, this is a sign that the blood and qi are beginning to gain strength in its ability to circulate freely and that any blood stagnation and qi blockages that may have built up due to lack of correct exercise has began to be released and flushed out. Usually some individuals might also experience an emotional change, for example if they have been feeling a bit depressed or sad they might notice that their spirits has become more lighter, they feel more happier. Some individuals might become more deeply relaxed as the anxiety and frustration that stuck inside them has suddenly been removed.

Learning to abide by applying the 70% rule to all of the taiji qigong 36 exercise form will gradually allow each individual to dissolve any stiffness or tension that can affect their health on a physical, emotional, mental or even an energetic level. Allowing them to strengthen their vitality levels which in-turn will help them to improve their health and wellbeing, bringing a better quality of life. Obviously it takes a lot of time and patience for individuals to allow their body to become more relaxed, but if they can begin to practice regularly sticking to the 70% rule slowly they will begin to notice improvements in how more calm, relaxed and soft their body and mind is becoming.


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