LFIAA “Six Healing Sounds Daoyin” Relationship with the Five Yin Internal Organs

Within Traditional Chinese Medicine they say that it is the functioning of Five Yin internal organs of the Liver, Heart, Lungs, Spleen and Kidneys that dictate each individuals emotional health & wellbeing. If there is an imbalance of energy (Qi) with any of the Five Yin internal organs they can in turn affect each other, each particular Yin internal organ can develop either positive emotions that help to keep the individual healthy or they can develop negative emotions that obviously can cause illnesses. Each of the Five Yin internal organs are also associated with Liver (Wood), Heart (Fire), Lungs (Metal), Spleen (Earth) and Kidneys (Water) they can either work with each to promote and strengthen or they can work against each to drain and weaken.

For example the Five Element cycle of mutual generation starts with the Heart (Fire) if the Heart Fire descends downwards it can develop a deep sense of calm within each individuals,. Whereas, the Qi of The Spleen (Earth) rises and mixes with the descending Fire Qi of the Heart they both turn into a fluid that moistens the Lungs (Metal) which then mixes the Qi and blood into Yang Water (Kidneys). The Kidneys (Water) is then used to moisten the Liver (Wood) which in turn becomes calm and harmonious. It is said that when the Five Elements move through this cycle then the hundred diseases are prevented from arising.

The Overpowering cycle of the Five Elements are when Liver (Wood) overpowers the Spleen (Earth), the Spleen (Earth) overpowers the Kidneys (Water), the Kidneys (Water) overpowers the Heart (Fire), the Heart (Fire) overpowers the Lungs (Metal), the Lungs (Metal) overpowers the Liver (Wood), this is when there is an imbalance of Yin & Yang energies within the individual which can emotional imbalance which can turn into poor health or illness. For example an individual suffering with a Yin Liver (Wood) problem can have fits of rage and temper due to the Liver Qi rising. If an individual suffers with a Yin Spleen (Earth) Problem affecting the Kidneys (Water) this can make the individual become obstinate and inflexible , Water and Earth when mixed turns into Mud which can mean that the individual can become inflexible and find it hard to differentiate between “Fact & Fiction”.

It is through the correct practice of the “Six Healing Sounds Daoyin” Methods that an individual can help to remove any negative Qi that may be effecting their emotional health and wellbeing, for example if the individual feels that their Liver (Wood) Qi is beginning to rise due to an argument or someone annoyingly is making you feel irritable then rather than blowing your top and losing your temper, you simply begin to practice the (Shu) sound to help lower your Liver Qi and help you to calm down. The practice of the Six Healing Sounds should be practiced on a daily basis to help keep your emotional state in balance, which in-turn maintains the mutual generation of the Five Elements cycle of Yang Qi through the five Yin internal organs.

In the accompanying photo Laoshi Keith Ewers is performing the Six Healing Sound for the Heart moving-step exercise to help develop a smooth flow of Qi and a deep feeling of calmness.


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