LFIAA Yang Style Taiji Straight Sword 16 Step Form (Yangshi Taiji Zheng Jian Liushi Shi)

The study and practice of the Yang Style Taiji Straight Sword Sixteen Step Simplified Form is a great way for beginners and intermediate students to be introduced to the practice of the Sword (Jian). Basically the Chinese consider the weapon, irrespective of what weapon you decide to study with as an extension of the hand and in the case of the Taiji Sword the actions are similar to the practice of the Taijiquan barehand form.

  • All of the sword movements should involve either small or large circular actions.
  • The body is kept fully relaxed and upright.
  • The speed of the movement should be performed slowly.
  • The movements should flow smoothly together at the same speed.
  • The body weight should alternate from one leg to another.

The practice of the Taiji Sword offers the individual another discipline that they can perform to strengthen their physical, mental and energetic attributes to maintain and improve their health and wellbeing. As we grow older our bodies will become stiffer and harder and unless we begin to look after ourselves through correct mind & body exercise we will gradually lose our ability to balance or even concentrate and we could suffer with various ailments that could effect the quality of our life.

Adding the practice of the Taiji Sword to your personal training routine can only help to keep your body and mind healthy and active. As with the practice of the Taijiquan barehand solo form which utilises the eight energies of Peng, Lu, An, Ji, Cai, Lei, Kao, Zhou within its movements. Likewise the practice of the Taiji Sword utilises the thirteen techniques of Ci, Lan, Sao, Pi, Dian, Gua, Liao, Mo, Tuo, Chou, Ji, Dai, Jie these particular thirteen techniques can be found within the practice of the Yang Style Taiji Sword Sixteen Step Simplified Form. Once the the individual has a good understanding of the Taiji Sword thirteen techniques through the study of the Taiji Sword form, the next stage or development for the individual is to then practice the many two-person Taiji Sword train8ng exercises that bring the thirteen sword techniques alive in there defensive and offensive methods. These two-person Taiji Sword Training Methods can be associated with another Taijiquan exercise known “Pushing Hands” which is aimed at bringing the eight energies as already mentioned above alive, as with the Taiji pushing Hands exercise that develops the individuals ability to feel through their sense of touch what their training partners intention are. Likewise the two-person Taiji Sword training exercises also will develop the individuals ability to feel through the contact of each other swords to feel each other’s next move.

As more and more people are turning to the practice of Taijiquan to help them maintain and improve their health, fitness and wellbeing, gradually the awareness of practicing the Taiji Sword is also growing in its popularity as another option to exercise and to strengthen the mind, body & breath to help slow down the ageing process by developing a more relaxed, calm and pliable body.

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