LFIAA Taiji Qigong 36 Exercise Form “ Putting the Qi into the Gong”

Once an individual has began their study and practice of the Taiji Qigong 36 exercises form (Sanliushi) many obviously concentrate on the accuracy of each particular exercise. Making sure that the five components are all involved with each of the 36 exercises, the five components are:

  • The Legs.
  • The Torso.
  • The Hands & Arms.
  • The Eyes.
  • The Breathing.

It is important that each individual involves the five components of their body into each of the 36 exercise, all according how often the individual practices the Taiji Qigong 36 exercise form, usually after a year or so the individual should begin to experience a few sensations happening within themselves when they practice any of the 36 Taiji Qigong exercises. These sensations can begin with the feeling of tingling, warmth, heaviness or fullness within the hands and arms at first, then gradually they should experience the sensation spreading throughout their entire body. These sensations are the first signs of the individuals energy (Qi) beginning to circulate, gradually over time the sensations should become more quickly, stronger and regular as the individual maintain their practice.

It is when the individual begins to feel the tangible sensations of their Qi circulation that they should then allow their Taiji Qigong movements to be lead by the flow of their Qi. To many individuals, even the ones who have been practicing for many years still concentrate on using their physical actions to lead and guide their Qi, rather than using their Intent (Yi), Breathing (Xi) to lead their (Qi) to blend with their (Li) strength or physical movement. The word “Qigong” is made up of two words “Qi” pronounced as (Chee) means to accumulate and circulate the energy of your environment within yourself to strengthen and improve their health and wellbeing. The other word “Gong” means work or exercise or skill and it is through the correct skill of combining their mind, body, breath that the individual can manipulate the Qi around and within themselves through the practice of Taiji Qigong exercise.

Sadly to many individuals spend to much time concentrating on the “Gong” rather than on developing and being lead by their Qi. We are taught that when we practice any of the Taiji Qigong 36 exercises the speed that we move should be controlled by our breathing which should be slow, deep, long, smooth and quiet. Gradually as the individual begins to feel their Qi they should then be lead by the feeling of their Qi as it raises, lowers, expands, contracts, gathers, disperses, enters and exits.

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